Making New Friends

Oliine sat at the Inn lost in thought. It had been a most miraculous evening for the near blind shaman. She'd been taking care of some satyyr near Blood Watch, finally having been given permission by her trainers to venture beyond Exodar. She'd just finished one off when the hairs on the back of her head stood up. She reached out and found a troll standing in front of her. She couldn't help but giggle. Something about the sheer closeness of the stranger made her skin tickle with excitement. She tried speaking to him and he to her, but to no avail. There was no way to understand each other. Then he hugged her.

Her skin flushed warm at his touch and her mind stumbled over itself. Slowly she started back to her task and the troll vanished from her presence. But just as too many a satyyr or their darkened magics began to overwhelm the shaman he would appear beside her slicing and dicing or behind her enemies leaving their bodies at her feet. She smiled again thinking of his timing. She didn't know much about rogues or trolls, but she was flattered he'd payed her such attentions. Breathing in deeply, she pulled her cloak around her and dozed off in the Inn. Maybe... some day... things would be different.

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