Maledetta AinuaEdit

Race: Kaldorei / Troll
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Rogue
Professions: Enchantress, Herbalist, skilled in cooking and first aid.
Affiliations: Member of The Forgotten Order. Former Rogue Advisor.

Appearance: Detta is rather tall for a kaldorei, standing at 7'8". Most likely due to the other half of her heritage. She has pale pinkish skin, and light blue hair that she keeps up in a ponytail to keep out of her face, and blood. Several things may be noticed when she is not wearing a mask. When she smirks a hint of what are most commonly thought to be fangs can be seen curling over her lip. Also, there is a long and jagged scar that runs from her lower jaw to her collarbone. when her lower back is exposed one might notice a tattoo of a howling wolf. Also on her neck, below her left ear and often hidden behind hair, is a small brand.


Detta can usually be summed up in one accurate all be it not pleasant word...bitch.

She does not speak often. When she does it is either sarcasim, insult, or some form of mind game derived for her own entertainment.

Detta isn't really all bad....but of course she'd never let you know that. She lets people assume whatever they wish. It makes it easier on her to play with their heads.



Maledetta's past is a long story, that began with a rather ill fated romance. Her mother, a kaldorei priestess, was taken captive during a raid. Her father, a troll warrior, happened to fall for the woman. Such things not meant to last, they were seperated from each other. Her mother died in child birth and left the baby in charge of a nearby temple.

Detta has always believed that the priestesses there had a sense of irony. Giving her the name "Maledetta Ainua" roughly translated "Damned Angel."

She was raised and trained to follow the path of a priestess, but most knew it did not fit the young woman. Growing tired of being forced to be what she was not, she left the temple to set off on her own.

Many would not know it, or guess by her actions. But Detta still holds some form of respect for the temple. She will visit from time to time. Atoning for her "sins." Does she truely believe what they follow, no. But that matters little.

If asked to speak on her true beliefs she would probably bring up Mueh'zala. The troll God of Death, Father of Sleep, Son of Time, and the Night's Friend.

Detta has never trusted many. Though she soon found that having some allies was better than being completely alone. She fell in with a group called The Darkness, a rag tag handful of rogues.

It was while with them that she met Wolfstrike. He was spying on her one night when she discovered him, and pinned him to a table with one of her daggers. Love at first stab?

She got careless. As she likes to put it. Allowing Wolf to get closer to her, as well as one other. A druidess by the name of Atheri, her best friend. Atheri was everything that Detta was not. Kind, sweet, innocent, and the type of woman that got whatever she wanted. Sadly that ended up including Detta's lover. She discovered the truth, shortly after discovering the fact that she was pregnant.

She left most she had created ties with. Never seeking to create more friendships. However, fate does what it will. She became close to a druid by the name of Grithorn. Unlike most in her life he saw past acts and hatreds. Wishing to take care of she and her child. He loved her, and she knew it was true. The night she realized she returned that love she left without word or warning.

Feeling the need to escape, she again turned her back on the world. She avoided society for some time. Until complications and pain lead her to a near by cathedral. She was informed she'd lost the baby.

She did not cry...

Once again she found herself alone. Something she was not beginning to mind. But, one's past always has a way of catching up with them. While with The Darkness she had done a number of deeds. Most not smiled upon or sanctioned by any sane faction.

It was these that lead to her "branding" and mark for execution.

She escaped this fate, with the aid of another that was marked to the same. A hunter by the name of Maikel Garravore. The man had connections, and her freedom was guarenteed at a small price. That someday she do him a favor in return.

She thought he'd never remember....

The Order and The ShadowsEdit

It was upon taking a position for S1:7 that Garravore located her again. He was part of The Forgotten Order, but there was more. This order, had a secret division. A band of Shadows, mercenaries, assassins, hidden from the eyes of the public.

He had his hands full trying to lead this lot, and avoiding certain pasts of his own. He'd come to call in his favor...

Proving her worth with a blade was easy, and soon Detta had become Councilor Ainua, assistant to the Battle Council, head of rogues. On the outside at least, and Councilor Ainua, Leader of Shadow.

Detta had her hands full. Trying to "turn the shadows into something more than little children playing hide and seek." Often disgusted with her attempts with the Order's rogues as she saw many of them as needing so much work.

The values of the Forgotten Order are not truely her own. Nor does she consider herself part of the "family" they call themselves. But she did her job, and she did it well.


Detta has given up her position as Rogue Advisor of The Forgotten Order. Allorien Ravenlash taking her place with the Order's High Council. Though for some reason her duty has been fulfilled and she still remains with the Order.

When not skulking about the streets or puting on an act in some role or another, Detta is often in her "office" one of the rooms in the catacombs below the Cathedral of Light. After all, "What better place for shadow to hide then in the corners of light?"

If in any company at all it is usually that of a warrior named Rykariel or a hunter that currently remains nameless, though may be heard called "pet."

She is still not the friendly sort, and more likely to kick you in the face, then speak to you.

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