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Name: Malfesta "Mal" Blackthorne
Race: Forsaken
Class: Priest
Professions: Herbalism and Mining
Age: 23
Guild: Bloodrite

Physical AppearanceEdit

The first thing one might notice about this Forsaken is her size; she is tiny, barely topping 4’4” and is very slim, almost fragile. Lanky dull yellow hair frames weary eyes and the remains of her face. The faint fragrance of mint surrounds her. She wears a small star ruby cabochon wrapped with a silver band on a fine silver chain and a string of hand carved beads around her neck.

A Siamese cat who she dotes on accompanies her. When the spoiled feline is not being cradled in her arms or otherwise indulged, he follows her, doing his best to seem uninterested. (The fastest way to a cat’s heart is through his belly)


Mal is still naive, even after everything she has been through and uncertain though she puts forth a brave face for those around her (in reality she's rather fragile).

She takes most people at face value letting their words and actions speak for them. She finds it ironic that these "monsters" are just as she remembers the humans being even if some of their customs are odd.


Her Troll companion, Lunn.
Alleycat, her husband.
Frostcat, Mareska, Bogira , Phobia






A New ChapterEdit

Novice No MoreEdit

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