First Tournament of Strength, Hosted by The Malochian Hand

Basics Edit

Event P.O.C.: Arbert
Who: Horde
What: Tournament of Strength
Where: Valley Of Trials
When: 6/18/06 7:00PM (ST)

The time has come to prove your strength to the Horde, and while you are at it, make a few gold coin.

That is right! On Sunday June 18 at 7:00 PM ((ST)), The Malochian Hand will be hosting the very first Tournament of Strength! You are invited to come and fight against some of the bravest, and stongest members of the Horde! The tournament will be seperated into eleven(11) seperate brackets, all paying entry fees set to accomodate their experience within the world. The brackets and entry fees are broken down as follows:

10-14: 15 silver
15-19: 15 silver
20-24: 40 silver
25-29: 40 silver
30-34: 1 gold
35-39: 1 gold
40-44: 1 gold 50 silver
45-49: 1 gold 50 silver
50-54: 2 gold
55-59: 2 gold
60  : 4 gold

The Prizes for the winner of each bracket will be monetary and will be determined by the amount of registerd combatants in each bracket. Thus meaning, the more people YOU tell, the more money YOU can WIN!

Upon arrival at The Valley of Trials, greeters will meet you at the gate and direct you to your brackets battlemaster. You will pay your fee to the Battlemaster and he will place you in an appropriate match. Watch and be entertained by the matches before you. And once you are called, enter the ring and slaughter your enemy!

If you will be attending the tournament for entertainment purposes, the Zephyr Crew catering service will be present to provide you with drinks and food to enjoy as you watch the bloodletting.

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