Basic InformationEdit

Full Name: Mariuss Spencer
Title: The Dark Priest
Race: Human, Male
Class: Priest
Specialty: Shadow Magic & Inquisition
Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting
Age: 37
Birthplace: Hillsbrad
Height: 6'2
Weight: 180 lbs.
Alignment: Lawful Good...?
Affiliations: Scarlet Crusade
Trademark Quote: "???"


Mariuss is a pretty tall character, and retains some musclemass from his past. He has short, brown hair and a well-kept beard in which he takes pride in. He's usually seen wearing his Scarlet Crusade uniform which consists of a bright red robe with his tabard, and usually a red cowl. His casual wear usually consists of the same thing, only excluding his tabard. His face sports very few wrinkles and no wear, almost as if he has never seen a battle in his life... but his body and scars tell a different story. He usually wears full-clothing to cover it up.


Mariuss has a very sadistic temper when angered, but that's hard to get out of him. He is usually calm when stressed and can hide it well, and when not afflicted by anything he's a rather calm person. He is very interested in the neutral arts of enchanting and has a connection with shadow power, while many of his fellow Crusaders dislike, still accept him for his strong beliefs in the Light and his determination to eradicate the Scourge.

Unlike most Crusaders, he is not corrupted by Balnazzar's taint... or even bears his influence.

Known FamilyEdit

Mariuss was born an only child to a couple in Hillsbrad, but his father vanished one day, leaving him alone with his mother. They had an excellent relationship together and Mariuss at the age of ten wanted to grow up to be a holy warrior or a priest. Eventually his mother remarried (while he was still young) and he was given two half-siblings whom he bonded with immediately, but sometime after the Third War, his step-father, whom he was close with, had died. Mariuss' biological father's whereabouts are unknown, and he is presumed dead by the Alliance.


Mariuss at age 17 joined the military and fought in the Second War as a soldier and began training as a Paladin under the hero Uther the Lightbringer afterwards, travelling with the military for years solving conflicts and he eventually became a paladin in the Silver Hand, and then battled in the Third War alongside Uther many years later.

The Third War left him in misery -- Lordaeron was in ruins and his master was dead, and it doubled when he came home and his wife-to-be had abandoned him. He threw down his sword and retired as a priest and moved in with his mother and two step-siblings in Stromgarde so he could help them and his aging step-father.

During these few years, Mariuss became interested in shadow magic, and delved into it and simultaneously studied enchantment, and the human psyche, but still retained his strong beliefs in the Light. His step-father had died around this time of unrelated causes.

Stromgarde was finally raided and he fled, and sadly could not find his siblings or his mother and gave up, thinking they were dead, the city was in chaos. He moved to Stormwind and shortly after the Scourge Invasion happened, making Mariuss decide to stop fearing his past and to step up and aid humanity, thus he joined the Scarlet Crusade through James Grimhold.

Recent StatusEdit

Mariuss has left his post in Stormwind and decided to move onto bigger things. He has recently left on a pilgrimage to the Scarlet Monastery to train in the field of inquisition.

He now serves under Scarlet Commander Marjhan's leadership, and Mariuss seems to be falling more and more into a shadowy downward spiral.


More coming soon!

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