General InformationEdit

Full Name: Markuss Aurellias Gervania

Race: Human

Age: 27

Date of Birth: December 19

Class: Paladin

Occupation: Demonslayer

Title: Lord of Arathi Highlands

Affiliations: The League of Arathor, Refuge Pointe, The Ankharyian Order

Hair Color: Reddish-Brown

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 197lbs

Birthplace: Stromgarde, Arathi Highlands

Current Home: Cathedral of Light, Stormwind City

Languages: Common, Demonic, Thelassian, Ancaryian, and Dark Iron


Markuss is a strong and well-built man, both physically and mentally. He keeps his red hair, with a tint of brown, long and neat with two stray strands hanging down over his face. He sports a beard and keeps it short, not favoring the bushy and heavy beards of other men.

Perhaps the strangest thing about this man, without delving into his mind, is the area just below is eyes. Normally, one would gaze upon ordinary skin, but not so with Markuss. Beneath both eyes are strange scars, resembling claws and jagged like. Typically, though, he sports a azure hood that hides the scars in it's shadow.

Along with his hood, Markuss' casual dress consists of a finely tailored shirt, blue gloves lined with gold, silk pants colored azure and fine leather boots. Lastly, a cigar is usually lit in his mouth.

When away from Stormwind at battle, he wears his heavy plate armor, neatly polished and well-kept. Slung aross his back is a heavy shield, which he holds in his left hand; gripped in his right, his trusted sword.


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