Name: Marolise Jacobs
Race: Forsaken
Class: Warlock
Professions: Mining/Tailoring
Age: 39
Birthplace: Hillsbrad


Decay and rot, though oddly absent from the face, mar the limbs and body of this Forsaken woman. Her face, now unnaturally pale in undeath, bears small crows feet and lines traced in grey, remnants of her age in life. Marolise stands of average height, slightly bowed forward as a result of her awakened form.

Maro's face is often a mask of intense thought, a perpetual scowl all the more reinforced with the unnatural yellow glow of her eyes. When not lost in thought, a near-smirk shapes her lips, giving her a bemused appearance.

Personality Edit

Marolise is fairly inquisitive and curious, just as she was in life. Like many Forsaken, she has held on to her memories of the life past. But where those memories seem to fuel the desire for revenge in others, Marolise has used them to keep herself grounded as her abilities in the darker arts of the Warlock continue to grow.

Why do you choose this dark path, Marolise?
Because I will be a slave to none. Scourge, the Dark Lady, anyone. There's too much to see, to learn, to do without living under the weight of a past that cannot be changed.

Despite her intensity, Marolise is surprisingly approachable. She's also known for approaching strangers with questions about this or that. Her eagerness to learn can make her a trying student for those that would teach her. But her patience in teaching, however, can be a great asset.

Life and UndeathEdit

In life, Marolise was a tutor and nanny to her sister's children. A close knit family, few were surprised when they each came down with the plague within days of one another. So, too, would be their passing.

Later, when Maro coughed and sputtered her way into undeath, her awakening was graced with a boon few Forsaken seemed to be given. Her sister, Tara, had also been freed from the Scourge's control. She provided a solid foundation for Marolise as the woman tried to grasp what had happened to them both. Tara showed her sister the same patience Maro had once shown their family, taking Marolise around the Undercity and introducing her to various functionaries and scholars. Over time, Marolise began to realize the freedom she now had as a child of the Forsaken. Though she loved Tara dearly, Marolise had often wondered in life is she should have worked harder to start a life for herself, perhaps evening journeying to Dalaran to study. But now Marolise was free and the world could be her classroom.

As Marolise spent more time in the Undercity, she became acquainted with more and more of those belonging to this new race. Their anger and strong desire for vengeance, along with their blind fanaticism for Sylvannas went against the grain of Marolise's instincts. In life she was bound to her family, after death she was bound to the will of the Scourge. Now she was to be bound to that of Sylvannas'? Maro grew angry and despondent, especially when Tara showed the same unquestionable loyalty to Sylvannas that made Marolise cringe. She had to find another way.

Not physically strong or agile, Marolise knew magic would have to be her source of protection. Even with that knowledge, the chaos around Maro made her crave some level of control. Control of the arcane was not enough. It was Luther Pickman that saw this in Maro. He spoke to her of darker arts and demons. A life bound to the shadow but promising domination and control. A life in which she would be a slave to no one. It was these ideas and discussions that led her down the path of the Warlock.

The Horde Edit

To be continued...

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