Description Edit

Name: Marosemius Creatthen.
Title: Exiled Priest, Hypocritical Preacher, Roof-Percher.
Faction: Horde
Race: Forsaken
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailoring
Age: 44 at death, 53 now.
Eye Colour: Standard yellow orbs.
Hair: Purplish red.
Skin-Tone: Purple.
Height: 5'9".
Weight: 175 lbs.

Appearance Edit

Marosemius has a hole in the middle of his chest from being stabbed through the heart with a sword.

Personality Edit

There's something strange with his personality. At times he's blank and deadpan. Other times he's random and unpredictable in how he would act.

History Edit

Life Story

Marosemius was born into a family of farmhands that lived in Silverpine Forest. He was the youngest of 3 brothers and his mother died due to complications during his birth.His father and brothers hated all magic users, be they priests, mages, or warlocks. So when his father found out the Maro was able to use priestly magic, he went into a rage and beat Maro to an inch of his life. After that, Maro father and brothers have been abusive towards him until his 10th birthday.

On Maro's tenth birthday, a wandering priest came by his house looking for shelter. After coming in, the priest started to mend a wound on his arm from a bear attack earlier that day and used one of his healing spells to close the wound, while Maro saw what the priest did, his dad's back was turned and wasn't paying attention. After the priest healed his arm, he saw Maro and asked him to come closer, knowing that Maro is able to use priest magic. When Maro came closer, the wanderer asked him why he wasn't in the order to become priests yet, and Maro replied that his father wouldn't let him and beat him regularly for being able to use magic. So in the middle of the night, the wanderer took Maro away from the farm where his family lived and took him under his wing for the next 23 years.

During that 23 years, Maro traveled the world of Azeroth, learning the ways of the priest, the different types of magic used by priests, and what their role in society was.But his mentor wasn't kind, he was actually pretty hard on Maro if he messed up. After he left his mentor (never learned his name, said his name wasn't important anymore), he went back home to Silverpine.

Upon arriving to the house Maro's family lived, he saw the door was opened and walked in. What he saw, terrified him. He saw all his family dead, the knife used still in his father's back. And when he went down to remove the knife,the local sheriff came by and saw Maro kneeling over his father and ammused he killed them and then knocked Maro unconscious.

When Maro woke up, he was in a cell in Pyrewood Village. Full knowing that he was in jail, he resigned himself to fate to decide what'll happen to him. Soon after sitting up, the Pyrewood council walked into the area behind the bar and told Maro that he was going to be exiled from all human lands and lands of their allies and have a bounty on his head. When they released him, Maro just started running for his life.

Right after his exile, Maro permenantly applied two leather straps to his face, fully marking himself as an exile. 2 years after his exile, Maro was at a pond when he saw a friend of his. He just stood there and watched him when his friend saw him and just ran. Maro, seeing him run, took after him, not to kill him, but to slow him down. But when he caught up to him, his friend pulled a knife upon him and started to attack widely, but was easily disarmedby Maro, and then started pleading for his life. Maro asked why he was pleading when he told Maro that he was the one that killed his famliy. Maro, after hearing this, felt betrayal, anger, and hatred well up inside of him. 5 minutes later, Maro fully regain the use of his body and then saw blood on his staff and looked down and saw the bloodied corpse of his once time friend. After that moment of realization, he ran, ran all the way to Stranglethorn Vale, where he lived there for 2 years.

After 2 years of living in Stranglethorn, Maro traveled back north in Hillsbrad Foothills, where he fell from exhaustion in the fields of Tarren Mill. Instead of killing him, the denizens of Tarren Mill took him in for 1.5 years and kept him hidden, until a regiment of soldiers came to TM, looking for shelter, and the people of TM obeyed, to much of their disgust. Soon after the soldiers set up camp, two of the soldiers headed to the barn house where Maro was staying in and they found him and told the leader of the regiment, who ordered the destruction and death of the people of TM, saying that they were harboring a fugitive. Maro, was able to escape, but only ten others were able to get out alive, but they took to hostility towards MAro right away, and they went seperate ways.

6 months later, Maro went to Tirisfal, to see what was happening.That was when Arthas was about to leave to go to Northrend. While watching the camps, a soldier under Arthas' command snuck up on Maro, it was another friend if his, and attacked him, knowing full well that Maro was a friend. Maro, taken by surprise, was stabbed through his chest and heart, supposedly killing him, but it didn't, he was alive for the next minute and in that minute, he wrapped his hands around his friend's neck and choked him to death. The look on Maro's face was the look of absolute rage, while the look on his friend's was that of shock.

When Maro was reborn, he knew that he was supposed to be dead. When he realized this, he yelled at the top of his lungs, until his voice was hoarse. He yelled of anger, of hatred, of betrayal, and of loneliness. Forever keeping in a constant battle to control himself of those 4 emotions so they don't destroy him.

Meeting of Maro and Maros

Maro first found out about Maros after Maros helped Squig on a failed attempt on Flamebeard's life. Through the following couple of nights, Maro confronted Maros while in a cave in Stonetalon Mountains. During the confrontation, Maro tried to take his own life to prevent Maros from hurting any of his friends, but Maros used the Naga shell, used for communication between members of the Zephyr Crew, and said where he was and a Troll girl named Ritah came by and brought Maro back, along with Maros.

Joining the Crew

Maro joined the Zephyr Crew before going to Hillsbrad Foothills on behalf of Lady Sylvanas' orders. Reasons behind joining the Zephyr Crew are a little confusing to him. Maro joined the Zephyr Crew maybe because he wanted to know what it is like to have people to call friends, another could be that he was looking for a place to experience happiness and joy for the first time in his life.


Semius, when he's Forsaken, doesn't look much different except that he is a bit more agitated and worried. When he's a human, he's resigned, but quite content with himself.

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