Race: Night Elf/construct
Age: 19 (Approximate)
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Hunter
Professions: Mining/Engineering
Affiliations: Unguilded.

Appearance: Mathilda appears to be a somewhat short Night Elf. Her long, indigo hair is often pulled up under her hat, which she wears low over her eyes. When not wearing her hat, Mathilda's strangely long bangs still cover half of her face. On the odd occasion her eyes are visible, they sparkle with an odd innocence and newness, more common in a human child than a seemingly adult Night Elf. Mathilda's movements are unsure and somewhat jerky; she takes each step quite carefully and with purpose, even at a full run. In battle she is silent, taking time to find the best firing positions, and communicating with her pet non-verbally. Recently, her hands and feet seem to be covered or perhaps constructed out of finely articulated mithril, which she never seems to remove.


Mathilda is an odd marriage of different parts, both physical and mental. As such, her personality is oddly stratified. Most often, she appears to be cold and reserved, a Night Elf of few words and masked emotions. With her hat pulled low over her eyes, it seems like she might be trying a little too hard to be "somebody serious". True to her bounty hunter training, she remains secretive and reserved, listening to everything going on around her rather than saying anything. Those that take the time to get to know her however, will find a shy, immature, and socially inept girl whose silence is more owing to her awkwardness than to her attempts to keep a low profile. When Mathilda speaks, it is in a strange dialect not unlike a Hillsbrad drawl or perhaps some kind of Dwarven accent. Mathilda is kind and seems to genuinely want to help people, even if her hunter training is sometimes at odds with that notion. Conditioned from "birth" to follow orders, Mathilda is obedient to a fault. Her actions almost always stem from perceived "orders" given to her by those she loves and respects. Most recently, with her marriage to Ellistra, Mathilda subconsciously considers herself Ellistra's property, following her casual requests to the letter.




The MirrorEdit



Recent TimesEdit

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