Measha AnaroreEdit

Race: Kaldorei
Age: around 3,000 but she won't be exact
Home: Stormwind City and Moonglade
Class: Druidess
Professions: Herbalist and Skinner
Affiliations: Lady of The Forgotten Order, Bar Mistress of the Wisps and Spirits Tavern.

Appearance: The first thing one might notice about Mea (as she prefers to be called) is that she's built differently than most night elves. One might even say, chubby. She is rather pale for a kaldorei.

There are always a few stray peace bloom tucked into her ivy colored hair, and a sweet soft smile greets those around her. The tattoo on her face bares a striking resemblance to a butterfly, something many like to tease her about, it has a rather personal meaning to her.

On her lower back is a long linear scar. A reminder of tension and the threats that she deals with while running her tavern. If her sides are exposed it is hard to miss the vicious scarring there as well.

Mea always wears a silver pendant depicting the winged demi-goddess Aviana. On her left ring finger is a large diamond ring. On her right ring finger, a pale teal band.


Mea is the “motherly” type. She is always taking in, and taking care of folks. She has an ever present need to nurture. Kind, gentle, and easy going…it often seems that there is nothing that could upset this woman. This can change rather quickly if you are someone that has been foolish enough to harm her family and those she cares about.

Mea is a strong woman, as well as stubborn. She stands for her values and what she feels is right. Many call her naïve, which is rather far from the truth. Hopeful, is a better word.

She does not let much get her down.


The BeginningEdit

Measha was born the child of a Kaldorie druid and a Quel'dorei mage, Radag and Wilwarin Anarore. She doesn’t recall her mother well, as she was but a child when the woman left due to tensions surrounding the status of she and her mate.

Her father went through many lovers after her disappearance. A changed man, his temper often taking the part over reason. Resentment and hatred towards that which was different consumed him. He tried to fill the void she had left, but to no avail.

The most significant of his lovers was a young entertainer. She loved him dearly, but the feeling was not returned, she eventually took her own life.

He had disowned Measha by then, over some silly quarrel or another. Her love for a human man. He forced her to choose between the two of them. She chose the man, whom ended up leaving her.

When she heard of the death of her father’s latest lover she was aware that the woman had born a son. A bastard child her father never claimed. She herself went in search of the boy and took him in, raising young Maikel and providing the only family either truly had.

They moved about often. Measha being in training still, and an “adventurer” by trade. Taking up whatever work she could from town to town. Folks were often wary of the druidess and her young charge. He was a good boy, but it was apparent early on that Maikel had received at least one thing from his father...his temper.

Several rumors circulated regarding “incidents” the boy was involved with. Other boys his age ending up wounded….or worse. Measha always stood by her brother, though this too lent to the need to move often.

Kel, as she called him, grew older and became a well skilled hunter. Taking his own path away from that of his father and sister. He went one way and she another. Though the two would find one another’s path again before long.

Measha was left with nothing but her training and soon grew restless. It was at this time that she met two men that would change her life forever. A young kaldorei man by the name of Darewing, and a dwarf named Dalin.

The Wisps and Spirits Edit

“You want me to do what?”

She had nothing but the clothes on her back when she met the two, and had been avoiding venturing to the human lands. What they were proposing was a business deal….a tavern. Dalin had the funds, Darewing the brawns, and Measha …brains and beauty combined.

Dalin would purchase a charter, in her name. She was to find staff and crew. He would help in bartending…and the operation of things. Darewing would head up the bouncers.

Many would have been wary. Wondered if there was more behind it. But Measha had always been one to take chances. This one just another adventure. She was off to Stormwind the next morning.

They chose a name that was to encompass the bringing together of different culture, though it had to be catchy too of course. The Wisps and Spirits Tavern. From the first day of business they did well. Patrons came to eat, drink and be merry.

Measha served and mingled as Dalin told stories and sang. Even Darewing loosening up and enjoying. The new staff was wonderful, outgoing and eager. She’d even convinced dear miss Jinx to help.

It seemed that life could not get better….Of course it is always at such times, that things begin to change.

The news was delivered that Darewing had killed himself. It hung over the tavern like a great grey cloud. They were all hurt by the loss of a friend and partner. But it was also known, the tavern would go on.

The Wisps family began to grow steadily. Measha took in whoever needed a home, pirates, runaways, those with prices on their heads. At one point a bounty was even placed on the bar mistress herself. It was not a popular thing being neutral, especially in the heart of Stormwind city.

Time continued to take its course, and she noticed a change in her partner. The outgoing boisterous dwarven fellow she would have called family, that had even invited her into his own home, had become… gruff and stand offish.

One evening he went too far. Striking a forsaken patron down in the bar. Measha was furious. Trying in vain it seemed, to explain that such may not reflect on him but the whole guild could be effected. He needed to revaluate his actions, and his place with the Wisps. Shortly after he chose to leave.

With the loss of both partners she did her best. Promoting several officers and refusing to let the tavern be affected for long. She was a determined woman, some would say stubborn. But the group of misfits that had come to call this place home, was a family. And she would always do her best to care for them.

Romance and Heart AcheEdit

Measha has always been the focus of one wondering eye or another. With her simple elegance and captivating smile. She turned down many a man, though they never did seem too worried over it. Knowing that the bar mistress would always be back to smile and flirt as she served drinks.

Razuel Shadowfire

The first man she would set her eye on, was a rogue. Part highborne, and with other ancestory unknown, Razuel was a bit of a mysterious figure. His charm and easy going ways soon won her attention and the two were inseparable.

That is, until his disappearance. He had been gone for months without word, when Measha chose to go looking for answers on her own. She found them in Duskwood. A body baring a silver pendant of the demi-goddess Aviana. That which she and Razuel worshipped.

A week after she discovered his death (or at least what was said to be his dead body..suspicion still lurks), she also found out she was pregnant.

Jehotay Gorehorn

Probably the most unlikely of Measha's lovers. A fellow druid, and a tauren. Measha inspired him to start his own tavern, and they became odd friends of a sort.

They grew much closer after Measha nearly died, and it was Jehotay who saved her life and brought her back. Creating a deep bond that the two still share in a way. Whenever she's needed comforting she's always known she could find it in a warm embrace from him.

The two were both stubborn, and had their quarrels. Seperating them for long periods of time. But, if asked she would say she still and always will love him. On her right ring finger she wears a pale teal band, he wears its match.

"What's to become...of a kaldorei and a tauren."

"We may never known lil' miss, we may never know...."

Tekaan Avasa'Lira

Measha met Tekaan while he was still running the Circle of Stromgarde. Though she didn't know him too well then. Merely recalling him as a patron to the tavern on occasion, with his wife.

It was a much different man that approached her for a position at the tavern. He did his job well, and was soon promoted to a full partner, Bar Master. She welcomed the help eagirly.

Before long the two became best friends. She confided everything to him. When she had told Jehotay she was pregnant, and he had dissapeared, it was Tekaan who was there to listen and comfort.

One could say Measha was rather blind to the obvious. Never realizing his feelings for her and when she finally did...she realized that she loved him in return. It was not long before he proposed, giving her the large diamond ever present on her left hand.

The two are still engaged and most often make thier home in the Moonglade.

The Forgotten OrderEdit

Things had been getting harder for the tavern. As time progressed fewer and fewer respected the neutrality that they tried so hard to maintain.

Was it too much to ask? One place, where people could come and forget all hatreds and pasts.

Tekaan had taken the time to go visit the elders. Upon his return he seemed relieved. "Perhaps...we have been focusing too much on just the tavern. There is so much potential here. They have asked me to do something."

He told Measha what he had learned. Of a group of people much like themselves. That believed in neither the horde, nor the alliance. But Azeroth as a whole. A group devoted to honor and facing anything that threatened their world.

The names of these few, had long been forgotten. All that remained, their stories. And it was their cause that he had been asked to present to her. That together they may reform The Forgotten Order.

Eagirly she accepted yet another challenge and direction in her life. Asking what crew that remained of the Wisps to join them.

Their motto was one that she had followed for years, and represented in the new tabard they wore. "Even the smallest of drops...effects the ocean."

They would still run the tavern, though through their civic branch. It was time to become more.


Measha has several siblings.

Kasoku Anarore

The closest in age to Measha. Unlike the others, Kaso is a full blooded Anarore. Little is known of him as it is just recently that Measha discovered his existance. He is also a druid, though highly trained in the feral ways.

Maikel Garravore

Maikel is the "black sheep" of the Anarore family. He is 987 years old, and Measha's half brother. Kel, as most call him, is a nice fellow often charming around the ladies. Though he can have an awful temper if it is stirred up. A hunter by training, he is almost always seen in the company of a large white wolf he calls Raca.

Meenx Tarsa'dal

Most often called Trouble or Wild Cat, Meenx is rather feral by nature. Another druid, and Anarore half blood. She is known as the Wisp's resident cuddle kitty. Only recently she found out that Anarore was her father. She is the youngest of the half-blooded siblings at only 100 years old.


Measha recently gave birth to twin boys, Quen and Atta. She owes the help of a man by the name of Dinras, for the healthy delivery of her second son as there were slight complications. Most find this rather ironic as Dinras leads the Silent Guard, a group that seems bent on tormenting Measha's tavern.

The twins are allready a handful, but are settling into life well. Measha and Tekaan don't leave home too often these days.

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