Name: Mecaeth Grimroot
Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy
Age: "Old," he would say, though he hardly looks a day over 385.
Birthplace: Northern Kalimdor
Current Residence: Moonglade
Specialization: Feral/Balance
Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: Mecaeth is a tall, daunting figure with a visage that fits his last name all too well. His eyes are pallid and always seem to rest a few inches away from whatever he's focusing on. No remarkable scars marr his skin, no chills invade the spine at his presence, although he does have an intelligent tone to his voice that can be quite persuasive.

A Stern Personality (Character Diamond)Edit

Bitter: After suffering the loss of his immortality, sleeping for an illogical amount of time, and waking up to a world of permanent darkness, Mecaeth is just a bit sour. He often channels his anger into cynical remarks, which - on the occasion that they're reported - have a tendency of getting him in trouble with the Cenarion Circle.

Moral: Despite his many setbacks in life, this druid has not succumbed to the temptations of evil. By all means, he's remained a strong-willed and clear-minded individual, one who supports the alliance loyally, but not so much that he'll ignore its corruption: if he spots someone breaking the law, whether it's a Stormwind Guard or a mere peasant, he'll always be sure to step in and crack open the interrogations.

Stern: In terms of attitude, Mecaeth is the embodiment of the stereotypical, stiff-necked graduate. His demeanor insists that he is a man who follows protocal to the very last word, though as implied above, he is known to twist the written rules every now and then for the sake of the greater good.

Studied: No doubt, this druid spent way too much time in the local library before he lost his sight. He seems to know far more than a simple student of nature should, his knowledge of the world ranging from the ancient wars to the psycology of the modern human. Oftentimes he uses his wordliness in his investigations, but it's under debate as to whether or not he makes up half of the facts he pulls out from his rear.

Backwoods BackgroundEdit

Little can be recalled of Mecaeth's life before he fell into the Emerald Dream. What is known is that he was once able to see, and enjoyed spending much of his time inspecting the wilderness and studying what he saw hidden within it. If any of his family or friends are still alive today, they haven't contacted him; a fact that seems to contribute to his astringent behavior.

A great deal of his frustrations stemmed from the events immediately after he awoke from the Dream; namely, the loss of his sight. Inexplicably, when Mecaeth regained consciousness, he found that he could no longer see, but neither doctors nor druids have been able to explain the phenomena.

After a long and solitary sojourn in the wilds, he has now returned to the "world" and resumed his service with the Cenarion Circle.

Ursine or Elven?Edit

Mecaeth Bear

Not a teddy bear.

Having spent a great deal of his life post-Very-Extended-Druidic-Nap traveling uncharted territories in the form of a bear, Mecaeth now seems to struggle with his natural body. Should he lose focus for any amount of time, he begins to morph into an enormous, black-haired ursine whose long pelt nearly scrapes against the ground. While he may be slightly larger than average as an elf, as a bear, he's roughly twice the size of his druidic peers.

Ensuing his return to civilization, he's been making attempts to resolve his animalistic dilemma, but old habits are proving difficult to break.

Adventures & StoriesEdit

Business Gone Bad

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