Meganna Wheeler
Game Information
Race Forsaken
Class Warrior
Guild Zephyr Crew
Professions Blacksmith
Vital Statistics
Height 5'2' at full height
Weight about 90lbs
Build Deteriorating
Hair Plum
Eyes Glowing yellow
Personal Information
Alignment Lawful Good
Age 21 (at death)
Birthplace Stormwind
Marital Status Single
Family All believed deceased

Appearance: Edit

Meg carries herself as though her armor and weapons are an unaccustomed weight. Every movement and expression speaks of a weariness unusual in her notably hardy race. She often fidgets nervously, running her bony fingers over small dents and gouges in the metal of her armor. Her long, lank, plum-hued hair seems surprisingly well cared-for. Though her face is well-preserved, bits of missing skin around her eyes make them look unusually large and soulful. She usually wears a red and gold cloth robe over her armor when in Silvermoon City to emulate the look of the Blood Elf guards, and she favors Sin'dorei weapons, though she shows no sign of having been anything but human in life.

In Life Edit

Meganna was born in the city of Stormwind, the first child of two city guards, Rothan and Marissa Wheeler. They lived happily there within modest means until the First War. Fearing for the safety of 5-year-old Meg and her infant brother Dariahn in the face of the orcs' advance on the kingdom, her parents fled with Lothar's refugees to the kingdom of Lordaeron to the north. Though they had intended to be temporary exiles, they lost nearly everything in the destruction of Stormwind and found themselves with no choice but to resettle in Stratholme, despite the shame both of them felt at having abandoned their city. Rothan and Marissa resumed their old jobs in their new home, but when the Alliance began amassing their forces at the Dark Portal following the Second War, they resolved to leave Meg and her brother, now 11 and 7, in the care of a family friend so they could join in pushing back the Horde. At the end of the war, Rothan returned to Stratholme alone, having lost Marissa in battle. He resumed his job as a city guard and became a devoted single father to his children. In the wake of the loss of her mother, Meg sought solace both in a close relationship with her father and in the Light. Though she was a gentle, shy girl, she tried her best to follow in her parents' footsteps and trained as a guard. In a more dangerous city she likely would have never made the cut, but in Stratholme, so far away from the Horde threat, she was accepted into their ranks.
Meg was killed defending Stratholme from the Scourge and raised to strike at her own home as one of the Mindless Ones. Rothan was killed as he slept in Arthas' purge of the city. It is unknown what became of Dariahn.

In Death Edit

Upon her release from the Lich King's control, Meganna's first reaction was shock at what had happened both to herself and to Lordaeron. She mourned for her family and her home, and in her undead condition she felt cut off completely from the Light. Though struck by a near-crippling sense of loss, she finally came to terms with her new situation enough to take up training as a warrior, aided by some coaxing from a fellow Forsaken woman named Meridith she met in Brill. She feels a kinship with her fellow "survivors", but isn't entirely comfortable with the new Forsaken culture. Her natural shyness has been exacerbated by her wariness of other Forsaken, and she finds most of the rest of the Horde, with their strong fighters and unfamiliar ways, more than a little intimidating. Meg is facinated by the Blood Elves, but her own self-consciousness leads her to view them as a beautiful, unattainable ideal - she sees herself as unworthy of them. She feels compelled to try to fit in with them rather than her own people and will often affect the red robes associated with the guards of Silvermoon City when not wearing her full armor. Despite what she's been through she is still kind-hearted, and she feels driven to protect those who cannot protect themselves, even if she's often too timid to interact with them socially.
While getting her footing as a full-fledged soldier of the Horde Meg was assigned to assist the Forsaken's Blood Elf allies in Silvermoon City, as the magic-addicted elves lacked dedicated warriors of their own. This spurred her fascination with the sin'dorei, despite nightmares shortly after arriving suggesting she had been involved in attacking the city as part of the Scourge. She spent several months contently aiding her people's new allies in both Silvermoon itself and nearby Tranquillien before realizing she needed to overcome her trepidation toward the rest of the Horde. She approached the matter by jumping in with both feet, contacting the notoriously loud Vodral "Red" Zul'dren about joining his Harbingers of War. Despite her timidity around most of his kind she has found a friend in the orc warrior Bloodaxe, and she has become very close to the Blood Elf priest-turned-fighter Tyrelys Manaheart. She has also become a subject of some fascination for Meridith's project Orloc, and they've formed a sweet if peculiar friendship.
Despite the progress she's made and the support of her friends, Meg quite simply suffers from a depression that feeds upon her undead condition, sometimes crippling her with a conviction of her own monstrosity and causing her to engage in self-destructive behavior. She oftens fixates on the idea of penance, and even her fighting style leads her to be injured to protect others. Sadly, her kindness to others rarely extends to herself.

Currently... Edit

Meg's attempt to branch out and find friends and allies in the Harbingers of War came to an end when a series of nightmares convinced her that the risk of her reverting to a mindless Scourge state made her a danger to them, causing her to leave the unit for what she believed was their own good. Despite her best discouragements, Tyrelys insisted on accompanying her, which she only allowed due to his training in fighting the Scourge and her conviction that he would be able to "do what must be done" if she did turn.
Though she refused to believe there was a connection, the dreams came about immediately after Meg became attached to an abandoned sword she found in the ruins outside her former home city of Stratholme, and Ty became increasingly convinced that the weapon was cursed. She dismissed his concerns until the sword inexplicably formed a cocoon-like shell, at which point she took it to Meridith for an examination. Determining that the basis of the sword's power was Shadow magic, the mage referred her to her warlock husband Plagos Deathweaver. Knowing Plagos bore her nothing but ill will, Meg put off seeing him as long as she could.
In the meantime Meg followed Ty through the Dark Portal in hopes of aiding the Blood Elves who had migrated to Outland, and the pair fell in with the Scryers of Shattrath City. Left to their own devices, their friendship slowly evolved into something deeper despite her state, though they remained painfully self-conscious of how others might view them. Societal pressures and his continuing unease about his feelings for a dead woman have made things stormy at times.
Eventually Meg brought herself to approach Plagos about the sword, but as she hung around the Undercity for a few days waiting for him to do research on it an encounter with Orloc unlocked a power in the weapon that appeared to her as the trapped spirit of a Lordaeron knight slain by the Scourge. The knight offered to train her in return for aiding in their mutual vengeance, and she readily agreed. Terrified that Plagos intended to purge the benevolent spirit from the sword, she left the Undercity and moved most of her belongings from Silvermoon City to the Scryers' Tier in hopes of keeping him from tracking her down. Any concerns that the spirit or the sword may not be who or what they appear were met with suspiciously violent opposition from her, particularly Plagos' insistence that the sword was a Scourge weapon. Tyrelys held a deep distrust for the sword and whatever might be speaking to Meg through it, but she refused to let him take it away from her.
After a few months with little close company but Ty and the spirit in the sword, Meg started venturing back to Azeroth in the form of regular trips to the Drunken Kodo in Ratchet. She decided that Kalimdor, far from the Undercity and reminders of the Scourge, was a perfect place for her and her spectral tutor to train, so she joined the Zephyr Crew and took a job as part of the tavern's security. Tyrelys joined with her, and while he wasn't entirely comfortable in the less refined environment of a goblin port town, the renewed involvement of Bloodaxe and the concern of the Crew's head of security, Caeryn, gave him the opening he needed to wrest the sword from Meg. Once she had a chance to examine how the sword had developed Meridith determined that the "benevolent spirit" was actually Oran Locke, the Scourge agent from whom Orloc had been constructed. Meg was heartbroken to learn that her knight had been Locke trying to manipulate her, but she forgave her friends and thanked them for seeing what she had been too caught up in idealism to see.

Stories & Such Edit

Unliving Things
The Sword

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