Description Edit

Name: Melys Grent
Race: Forsaken
Age: 16 (Before Death) 8 (After death)
Appearance: Melys has rather white and pale skin with a tinge of purple in it. His mouldy green hair makes his face nearly imperceptible, although his glowing yellow eyes may see and be seen through it. Melys' forehead is adorned by a large gash he recieved after a run in with the scourge during life. Melys is of an average height for a forsaken standing at 6 Feet 6 Inches. He moves confidently with the air of a being in its prime, although on colder days his celerity is lessened. When fighting he wields dagger and sword with admirable skill.
Occupation: Nemesis of <Legions Wake> Former Honor Guard of <The Marauders>
Birthplace: Westfall

Personality Edit

Melys is often distrustful and suspiscious towards all but his small circle of friends, though he is usually able to pick out those that pose him no threat. He is often straight to the point in his dealings. While he is not quick to anger, he has a sharp tongue for insults.

Melys is fiercely loyal to those he does trust and is willing to help them if the need arises, often going out of his way to help even if said help is not wanted. Melys can often be side-tracked by small things, but more often than not he is nudged back into reality by some sort of occurance.

Melys is gifted with the ability to think logically before he acts or speaks, though when he is angered he loses the want to stay on top of something and flings himself head-first into a quickly concocted plan. Although he may be seen as selfish at times he is as much of a giver as he is a taker and will give what is needed when it is needed (if he can afford it, that is).

While Melys is quick to anger he can be calmed down by a well-placed compliment or joke. Lately though, after the loss of his friend and the only link to his past, he has become more isolated from those around him, other than in times of need. He hides his feelings well but sometimes lets a word or two slip.

Background Edit

Childhood and Early Teens Edit

Melys was born in the 600th year, in autumn. The name given to him, he is no longer able to remember. He lived a peaceful life with his farming family but, in spite of that, grew up despising his kin and race. In his younger years he was shunned by his peers only because his leg was deformed at birth and he was confined to a chair with wheels fitted to it, replacing the time that he would have spent playing with friends studying books on history, geography and grammar, among other things. He soon became a youth with a quick wit and a sharp tongue, two attributes which he has kept in undeath. Melys had two siblings, both of which hold no part in his story.

When he was of age, he began school at a nearby chapel, where he was respected by the priests because of his handicap. He enjoyed school, though the questions were too easy for him, and fought diligently with his parents many a night when they wished for him to leave and become a farmhand. After being nearly out-argued by his parents he confined himself to his room where he could think. There he stayed for many nights without sleeping and eventually he thought of something. Melys argued that he could not become a farmhand because of his leg, his argument backfired and he was sent to Stormwind where priests were paid to work on morphing Melys' body into the shape it should have been. The priests crafted him a leg and cast blessings of strength and fortitude on him.

Now Melys was fit for working, but the operations had their side effects. He now hated Humans and what the Alliance stood for, he despised his family and the whole of Westfall for changing who he was. He refused to work for his parents on their farm. Then one night he left, taking much of his family's money, and ran to Stormwind. He found his way easily after having memorised the route when he was taken there before. He bought his passage up north to Lordaeron, where he worked for the rogues guild and was paid with training.

When the scourge attacked Melys stood no chance, he fell along with the rest of Lordaeron.

Undeath Edit

When Melys died he did not join the scourge, instead he was bought back to life by the banshee Sylvanus Windrunner. After awaking as a forsaken he was rehabilitated and sent off to Deathknell. There he met a forsaken female called Sacré, after talking with her for a while the two discovered that they had known each other in life. Sacré had worked for the rogues guild of Lordaeron as a healer. Melys and Sacré explored Tirisfal together, learning and experiencing new things, they quickly developed a bond. They soon found a guild by the name of The Circle Of The Thorn. Though the members of the small guild had many a good time, The Circle of the Thorn collapsed. Soon after The Circle Of The Thorn was ended, Sacré was slain. Melys went into a spiral of depression, he gave up on adventuring, he lay down his weapons and armour.

Time passed, Melys heard of Childrens week and, remembering his childhood, offered to look after an orphan. The little orc looked up to him and by the time Melys returned him, his work was done. Melys' ambitions had been rekindled and once more he set out.

But alas, the depression of months could not be banished by the acts of a single child. Though Melys once again ventured Azeroth, Outland and Northrend, he was more isolated than ever before. Already weakened by the loss of Sacré, Melys' will was the perfect target for the dark magics of the Lich King, and was manipulated, changed without the Rogue's knowledge. It came to be that Melys, being present at the events of the Wrathgate and having played a large part in creating the toxin used by the betrayer Putriss, blamed himself for what unfolded there. Being Forsaken, he realised that he could not merely wait to die. And yet, he could not make himself consider suicide. Thus he devised a plan, and a simple one at that. The portal to Old Hillsbrad was well known at that point in time, and so Melys decided to travel into the Caverns of Time, bypass the barrier placed within by the Bronze Dragonflight, and slay his past self before the forsaken can claim him. With the help of a mage loyal to Ravenholdt Manor , he is able to accomplish the first half of his plan.
When he arrives in Old Westfall, however, he comes across a flaw in his plan that he did not expect. Nozdormu of the Bronze Dragonflight himself awaits him and Melys is overcome by the ancient dragon's power. Nozdormu, not wishing to harm the time-stream, though at the same time feeling pity for the delirious Forsaken; wipes Melys' mind of all but his most important memories and sends him back to Azeroth.

Melys was returned to a world that he no longer knew, though it seemed to know him very well. He found this out rather quickly when the agents of Ravenholdt found him, living a different life, in the tavern of Brill. Once his past life had been revealed, Melys took leave of Brill and headed to Ravenholdt Manor in the Hillsbrad Foothills, to try and regain some information on his former self. Slowly, Melys was brought up to speed, but this process was not without cost. In exchange for their service the Rogues required that Melys work off his debt in service to them. Without friendship or any other ties to hold him back, Melys worked diligently to repay Lord Ravenholdt. It was thus that Melys became an invaluable asset to the Manor, and was rewarded with higher standing among the master Rogues. But despite his new position within Ravenholdt Manor, Melys leaves the day his debt is repaid. His sights were set on Icecrown, on the power that had robbed him of his sense, and thereafter his memories.

(To be continued)

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