Mendelias Shadowthorn


Mendelias in action

Description Edit

Name: Mendelias Shadowthorn

Race: Night Elf

Age: 240

Appearance: Mendelias is clean-shaven, and his features are chiseled. His armor, although mismatched, is impeccably clean, and well-maintained. He stands at attention, after years of military training. His breath smells vaguely of bourbon.

Occupation: Corporal in the Alliance Army, Clergy of the Disciples of Medivh.

Background Edit


Mendelias didn't so much have a childhood. At least, not like we think of a childhood. His days were not spent playing games with his friends, or hopping along stones in the creek. He didn't put frogs in his sisters' beds, he didn't draw pictures that his mother pinned to his door.

Mendelias had training.

Mendelias was chosen before his birth by the Mage Wards. Their task in the world was to monitor the use of magic. Arcane magic specifically. The magic used by the Quel'Dorei that called the Demons to this world and shattered Nordrassil. He was taught that although it was the lure that brought the Burning Legion here to Azeroth, that power in and of itself was not evil. It was not to be hated, nor feared; for in the end, it was a combination of druidic and arcane magics that saved the world.

The secret was to keep the use of that power in check. That was where they had failed in the past. Those in power were the ones using that power, and thus were not controlled. The Mage Wards were born to be the controllers. The monitors. They were unrestricted, free to roam the lands as they needed. They could call upon any aid and it must be given, by joint decree of the High Priestess and the Arch-Druid.

This was all Mendelias knew. He was taught the blade, the shield. He was trained how to bring swift death to his enemies. He was trained how to protect those in his charge.

Young AdulthoodEdit

Mendelias was sent very early on his first assignment, to Ward the human Meghan Elizabeth Barrow. As he journeyed to the human lands, he fell in love with the image he carried of her. Meghan was not as happy about their arrangment as he was, and rebelled at every opportunity. Eventually, Mendelias had to confess to her his true reason for travelling with her. When Fandral Staghelm found out, he was not happy to say the least. The Mage Wards were supposed to remain unknown to the other races, and Mendelias' treason earned him a death sentence.

He escaped with the aid of his trainer, Alyissia, and spent a long time in Stormwind, eventually joining the Disciples of Medivh. The Loremaster, Alnorian taught him to open his eyes, and not be a pawn in anyone else's schemes. Mendelias is eternally grateful to Alnorian for this new perspective, and is fiercely loyal to him and all the Disciples.


The woes of a drunk

Recent HistoryEdit

Mendelias had gotten close, very close, with a certain druidess, Kea'Lyn Stormshadow. She even joined the Disciples which made Mendelias very happy. Although they enjoyed each other's company, Mendelias never told her that he loved her, and so when she declared she must go sleep her time in the Emerald Dream, Mendelias did not object. After all, there are greater powers at work here.

Since Kea'Lyn's departure, however, Mendelias has become moody, and entirely too obsessed with liquor. Recently, people have begun to notice he hasn't been around, and he hasn't checked in. There is concern among his friends as to his whereabouts.

Latest DevelopmentsEdit

Mendelias has been found, and returned to the lands of the Alliance. He was being held by undead druids who had been torturing him physically and mentally. His ears have been cut off, his face now bears numerous deep scars, he has burns all over his body, and his broken bones are still mending. He now has a deep hatred for the undead, the Forsaken especially. During his captivity, the Prophet [Medivh] appeared to him, taking his spirit form to visit his tower at Kharazan, offering a fresh outlook on life.

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