Description Edit


Mendra Nightshadow in Darnassus

Name: Mendra Nightshadow
Race: Night Elf
Age: 340
Birthplace: Ashenvale
Class: Druid
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy
Affiliations: Knight of Silver Cascade

Personality Edit

Mendra is an outgoing elf that usually opens up to people after getting to know them. Mendra is a very friendly elf, who believes that everybody should be treated equally. She takes people’s actions to heart, and does not forget. If someone double crosses her she can forgive, but will never trust that person completely ever again.

Childhood Edit

Mendra was born in Astranaar, Ashenvale. When Mendra was a child, her hometown was invaded by the Scourge. The event did not have such a huge impact on her, until Mendra’s neighbor, Adonia came to live with her and her family. Adonia’s parents were killed in the onslaught and afterwards, Mendra’s family welcomed Adonia into their home.

Adulthood Edit

Mendra’s adulthood has been filled with losses and disappointments. Before she had chosen to become a druid, she lost her brother, Braeden, forever. There had been an invasion in Goldshire, and he didn’t survive. The loss of her brother was incredibly hard on Mendra because some odd years earlier, she had lost the love of her life to the war.

Mendra’s need for revenge accelerated her desire to become an accomplished druid. This path lead her to re-kindle her old friendship with Adonia for a time and also lead her into many new friendships.

Her plan for revenge did not go as smoothly as she wished, but what happened made Mendra realize how wrong she was. The friendship she lost was not worth the revenge, and she is currently trying to find ways to repair the friendship she lost.

Since Mendra has begun traveling the world more, she has met many interesting people, and made some new friends. Now a days, Mendra can be spotted in Stormwind speaking with friends, assissting fellow guildmates in their adventures, or by herself as she tries to better her own skills as a druid.

Since her break up with Erthant Allendry, Mendra has become a bit skeptical and avoids social conversations if necessary. She has developed into a rather cold, uncarring elf but some of her friends still hold hope that she will return to her normal, caring self.

Relationships Edit


Alaric L.

For awhile Mendra’s closest friend is Adonia Moonwhisper, whom she grew up with during her teenage years. The two shared a close bond as if they were sisters by blood. Although Adonia took the path of a huntress, Mendra decided to follow the path of a druid. Her studies lead her to fall in love with Alaric who was also a young druid at study. Mendra remained with Alaric for roughly 50 years or so until they were separated when Alaric went off to fight in the third war and lost his life.

Before Alaric came into her life, she had a few other encounters with the opposite sex. The only one who still continues to be in her life today is Blaineric. Their relationship was complicated from the start, and they sometimes struggle to keep their friendship going.

Mendra's relationship with the warrior,Erthant Allendry-whom she met through her old guild, Emerald Mosaic- has ended. While Mendra still continues to love him, she felt that they had grown apart and a marriage with him would not work out.

She is now married to a good friend, Blaineric Darkridge.

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