Havenblade, Last Lady of Northrend, Blood Contracter

Menuca Havenblade is a relic from a dead continent, hailing from one of the largest of Northrend's Ports, The Havenblade's were a small family with a lot of inherited power. They stood at the top of the government, serving as justiciar, sergeant, or spiritual leaders. Helena Havenblade was the mother of the family , she also represented a special group of Paladins trained to fight effectively in a place shrouded by evil. She stood taller than most and always made her prescence known, often walking in on a private conversation saying " Theres no reason for secrets, no one here will hurt you,". Auz Havenblade was his wife's opposite , a tall willowy man who was anti-social and very stoic. He spent most of his time in libraries or studying and performing dark rituals , he headed the research into the causes of undeath and how to fight undead. Being a necromancer he saw proper burials as anything but, thinking that if a great leader died he'd fulfill their "Wish" by raising them to lead again. Melelaus Havenblade was the eldest child and an extremely proficient hunter and warrior, leading great raids into enemy territory , often hitting and vanishing into the snow before reprisal.

 A Brief Description

Menuca herself is smaller then average, and very feminine in proportions, but seems larger due to her poise and regal bearing, maintaining her regal look even when in dire straits. She's been hardened by her home's weather and her training as a Paladin , Warlock, and something more then dabbling in Necromancery. Nothing surprises her and she contantly look ready for a fight , her hands constantly skimming over pouches of magical components. Her black hair has a single lock that dangles in her face, this lock , being a dark Claret Color , is twisted during though process and her lip is bitten as well. Her ears are pierced in many places and she has glyphs on the backs of her hands. Her Single Tattoo , usually hidden by robes or other garments, is that of a Small child casting the shadow of a large Nerubian. Her Diamond colored eyes glint and glimmer in light, but give a feeling of uncaring stoicism. Her skin is as white as snow , despite constant exposure to Sunlight.

The Story of a Closed Book

Menuca was born and raised in Icepeak Village, a stop for Kirin Tor Ice mages training in the Frozen Wastes of Northrend. The city itself was only a few stores and shops, the main bulk of structures were walls , towers, and the Central complex of Mage Towers and Barracks. She was trained in many things and taught at least one secret from every magical discipline, however she , unlike most Havenblades, didn't fit in to anything precisely, studying something for a month before going on to something else. During the third war she was of age to be wedded , most likely to some Kirin Tor Magistrate, but no one was going to be married in a time such as then, the constant undead waves kept Menuca and her Father teaching troops how to fight undead effectively on such terrain. Her Mother and Older Brother Melelaus were constantly fighting at the fronts, going on nothing but what they could salvage straight off the battlefield or what was brought to them. Eventually the army of Lordaeron, led by Arthas, came to root out the undead menace , soon after the Betrayal the remaining survivors escaped to their boats, as the citizens of her town ran to the boats , Menuca , who had been kept inside to prevent contact with the men of the army who would " Subvert her mind with their Boasts" as her father said, was grabbed up and taken to the boats by her guards while her family fell before her eyes against the scourge. Menuca, wishing to die alongside them tore through her own guards , eventually being subdued by some soldiers who promptly smashed a crate over her head. When she came too she realised where she was and tried to escape again, this time having to be caught by a rowboat after she swung from a mast rope into the seas in a desperate attempt to get back to her lands. In the end , after being locked in a fallen soldiers cabin for the remainder of the trip, she roamed aimlessly until arriving in Dun Morogh where the weather was at least somewhat like home. She soon found a home in Ironforge where she worked hard to gain the trust of the dwarves, taking up some cooking and first aid skills along the way. She enlisted herself as a Paladin after the war was over, happy to aid the paladins who had saved her life, which she now considered a grant on new life, she rose through the ranks quickly , showing great talent in fighting undead and using holy magic, which after finding out who she was the paladins thought it made perfect sense. After a year of paladinhood she turned down towards darker paths , seeking to emulate her father and became a warlock , even more surprising was that she maintained the ability to heal after becoming one, she turned into a deadly tactician and put her inherited leadership into play by enslaving demons. She found demonic minions to her taste but found that simple enslavement was both too easy and honorless, so she took up making pacts with demons who were outcasts, her entourage includes a gluttonous imp, a gardening Voidwalker, an artistic succubus, an affectionate Fel Hunter whom she raised and promptly calls him her "mutt" , and lastly her Feguard who is normal until he gets to thinking and starts pondering unanswerable questions until when he fights next.

Phobias , Fears , and General Habits

Menuca dislikes Draenei , Gnomes , and even other Humans deeming them " Deprived of true Struggle in their Environment". She isn't afraid of anything except maybe being seduced and subjugated. She is Phobic of other people's physical contact, often lashing out dangerously.

'Skills, Professions, and Pastimes'

Menuca spends her time in seclusion , pondering great things and studying a variety of books, she's become an Alchemical Genius, making potions out of nothing but some snow and local rocks, although the effects might not be fully intended. She's a brilliant Cook , seasoning her dishes with the exotic herbs she uses in her potions. There have been rumors that she's taken up Necromancery again and might be working on a very hazardous affliction.

Current Habitation and Affiliations/Afflictions.

Despite her grim, some would say evil, pastimes and habits, she's a loving mother of twins, one rather large for his age named Pleisthenes, and a smaller girl who looks a lot like her mother named Anaxandra. The children are rumored to be born to Kerix Falco, and the boy does look like him a lot, in fact , the only thing to deflect this rumor would be that Menuca eternally avoids Kerix and in fact, any member of the opposite sex. She owns a small home in Winterspring , but has been reported in Zangarmarsh walking through outposts with out a word, seemingly searching for something. She can sometimes be spotted at the The Seven Deadly Sins Tavern. A member of the The Order of Lordaeron, serving under Praetor Kerix Falco , who was formerly able to get close to her without danger, as his only Agent. Recently dealing with the Scryers , Menuca has seemed to turn towards darker goals, and her Felguard hasn't been seen, in fact , the only active demon is her Mutt. Although everytime she's been spotted she's been taking frustrations out on some poor being who moved too slow.

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