Miorlynn Arin SilverwindEdit

Race: Human
Age: Seventeen
Birthplace: Westfall
Class: Warrior
Professions: Mining and Blacksmithing
Affiliations: Knight of The Forgotten Order

Appearance: At first glance you see a strong round shouldered woman clad in silver armor but take the armor away and there is a small frail child. Her purple eyes sparkle and her silver-gold hair shines. But this child isn't all beauty, her face is usually dirty and her arms,legs, torso and face are covered in scars. She carries a pack on her hip full of trinkets of loved ones. A single white dragon scale sits around her neck along with a family crest

Her Childhood Edit

Born the middle child of Lord and Lady Marcus and Ardra Silverwind Miorlynn was not held to the chores of her eldest sister, Fenebae. While Fenebae spent her time studying in the churches, visiting a nobleman's ball and taking care of the house Miorlynn spent her time causing trouble in Moonbrooke and wreaking havock on the Stormwind church. At the age of thirteen tragedy struck in the loss of her entire family. In a matter of months time she lost both her sisters and her mother and father.

The Path of a Warrior Edit

After months of mopeing and feelings sorry for herself Miorlynn finally took a step in a a right dirrection. Taking up a sword she took up the path of warrior in hopes of avenging her family and setting a place for herself in the world. Within two years of her training she heard tell of the dead awakening near the city of Lordaeron. With a rush of insanity she charged her way to the cities gates where she was met, and saved, by her older sister Fenebae.

Current Events Edit

After what had to have been the most random turn of events Lady Miorlynn Silverwind's name changed overnight to Lady Delkris, wife of Morrick Delkris. She lives with her husband and adopted daughter, Felaria, in Hillsbrad Foothills on a small farm.

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