Miranya "Mira" Silverbrook, AKA Asha Emberhorn
Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Hunter
Vital Statistics
Height 5'0"
Weight 83 lbs
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age Equivalent to 20 human years

Birthplace: Quel'thalas
Home: Emberhorn tribe camp, Feralas
Professions: Enchanter / Herbalist
Affiliations: The Refuge, the Emberhorn Tribe

Mira is small in every sense of the word except personality. She stands barely five feet even in her favorite boots, and maybe ninety pounds soaking wet, with a windswept mess of wild red hair. She has the typical luminous green eyes of the Sin'dorei, and tends to dress in simple, rumpled, casual clothes. Her hair usually looks like it hasn't been brushed in a day or two, and it is strung here and there with thin braids bearing mementoes of her travels - a sliver of dream shard, a strange green crystal feather, a few pieces of green dragonscale, bone beads, and an old thorium bullet etched with a tiny picture of an elf and a Tauren. On her left forearm the word "Asha" is inked in heavy black Taurahe characters. There's almost always an animal of some description tagging along at her heels, even if it's just a stray cat that she just fed.

Recklessness frequently defines Mira. She's almost constantly in over her head, with a fiery temper and a wild, irrepressible streak; however, her loyalty to friends and family is painfully ferocious. She can be very friendly, or very contentious, depending on the circumstances and her mood at the moment. There are two things, however, that go straight to the soft spot of her heart - animals and children.

Born in Silvermoon to the union of a healer priest and a warlock, she grew up shadowing her sister Cataryna. For a time, she lived with her family in Theramore, where her mother taught magic and her father followed his calling as a healer. When Cataryna answered the call of the Prince, Mira followed - but unlike her sister, she could not bring herself to join the Blood Knights, and Cataryna wanted to shelter her sister from the dangerous life of the Farstriders. Seeking to escape the sheltering (some might say stifling) influence of her sister, Mira went to the new Horde allies, and learned the path of the hunter their way.

Along the way, she became friends with an elder warrior-turned hunter, Jagaimo of the Emberhorn tribe. After several years of friendship, and coming to regard the tribe's land as a second home, she requested of the tribe a chance to earn a permanent place there. After a series of difficult trials which she was required to complete without outside assistance, she was rewarded with a home among the Emberhorn, to be considered a member of the tribe in name and in spirit. She was given the Taurahe name Asha, which means "small wolf", and she and her animal companions now reside permanently with the tribe. As Asha, she considers herself one of Jai's wives and behaves as such, though any physical consummation of the relationship is presently rendered impossible by the large size difference between the two.

Travaran and Larexia Silverbrook - Parents, residing in Theramore City.
Catarynna Silverbrook - Elder sister, residing in Silvermoon City.
One unnamed child, stillborn and buried in a Silvermoon cemetery.

Animal Companions

While for gameplay reasons some pets are no longer with Mira in-game (mainly for stable space), she keeps close touch with all of her animal friends.

Porkchop - Grey Durotar boar - her first hunting partner, and still her constant and loyal companion.
Nahuel - Tiger spirit beast
Fluffy - Molten Core hound
Unole - Frostworg
Zzinkhrit - Hive'Regal silithid - not so much a tamed animal as a semi-sentient creature cut off from its hive, that she rescued from a cave-in.
Bes - Emerald Skytalon owl - A spirit from the Green Dragonshrine who will probably no longer be present with the aftereffects of the Stormrage novel, having gone home to rebuild and restore the Emerald Dream.
Jeff - Borean wooly rhino

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