Description Edit

Name: Mirubel Thunderhorn
Gender: Female
Faction: Horde
Race: Tauren
Age: 28
Class: Hunter
Rank: Stone Guard
Profession: Leatherworker, Skinner
Hobbies: Cooking, Fishing
Alignment: Neutral Good
Guild: Zephyr Crew
Appearance: Mirubel is an average height and weight for a Tauren woman. Her fur is white with large light-brown spots and her face is solid brown with white spots across her nose. Her brown eyes have the alertness of a hunter, but they are also kind. Her armor is usually of handcrafted leather, though more recently she has been known to wear turtle-scale mail.

History Edit

(In Progress)

Personality Edit

(In Progress)

Pets Edit

Currently, Mirubel can be seen followed by one of two pets: the noble turtle Ghamoo-ra and a raptor of an Eastern Kingdoms breed named Utahraptor (based on a Taurahe word for "swift"). The turtle is a quiet, solid beast with a proud bearing. The raptor is more skittish and prone to sniffing about on his own. If she is journeying on her own or with less hardy companions the turtle will be fighting alongside her, but the more vicious raptor is her companion of choice when fighting specifically in defense of the Horde's lands.

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