The Warlock known only as Mornelith


Race: Forsaken
Age of death: 37
Birthplace: Unknown, and he's not talking
Class: Warlock
Professions: Tailor/Enchanter
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Affiliations: Mornelith seems to care little for the labels of "Alliance" or "Horde," instead wishing to merely live his life. Or unlife, as it were.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mornelith's about average human height, though a bit hunched now thanks to being dead. Whatever coloration he had in life has apparently bleached away, leaving his hair as pale as what skin remains. Perhaps to offset this (or maybe just because) the warlock can frequently be seen wearing bright colors. He also wears a set of leather straps over his face for some reason, leaving his mouth unhindered but covering his eyes.


For whatever reason, Mornelith hasn't allowed death to slow him down. His personality might be called energetic by some, but others wonder if being dead damaged his mind somehow. For instance, many have overheard him commenting on the decor in the Undercity, saying how the arches are nice enough, but couldn't we get some color in here... As well as being a touch oddball, he's also known to be a fairly charitable soul, frequently giving away the clothing he makes to those that need it, only taking donations, never asking a price. Rather strange, altogether, for an undead warlock, wouldn't you say?


Whenever asked about his earlier life, Mornelith tends to simply shrug and say "It happened. It's not important now." It's not that he's really evasive on the matter, it's just that he doesn't seem to care that he was once a living being. As he says, it's past.

As for his undeath, however, he's been kind of everywhere. Even ended up in the Elven lands once by accident, somehow. Given the choice, he'll be out wandering, turning over rocks, or having his voidwalker chase the local wildlife around. As has been noted earlier, Mornelith's a bit of an oddball.

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