Mourne DarkguardEdit

Race: Night Elf
Age: Between early to mid adulthood.
Class: Rogue
Professions: Locksmith and Elemental Leatherworker
Affiliations: Recruitment Officer of the Scarlet Knights

Name: Given the name Mourne by his father at his birth. Since joining the Elven rogues in learning their fighting styles and talents, he has taken an elven name that loosely translates to 'Darkguard' in the common tongue.

Appearance: Mourne is of average height for a male Night Elf, and while of normal size, is well muscled. Ruddy pink skin, glowing eyes, and teal hair often kept tied behind him with a thin blackened leather strap are his distinguishing features. Mourne is often seen in a mismatch of armor pieces while adventuring, but sometimes can be seen wearing the 'uniform' of an Alliance rogue. He has been described by others on a number of occasions as 'spotless', and does his best to keep his appearance neat, when time permits. He is often seen with many different types of weapons, swords, maces, daggers, using whatever he judges best for a particular purpose.


Mourne is more than willing to be friendly with those he encounters, until they show themselves not to be worth his time, if that is the case. He rarely reveals much of anything about himself, however, except to a few very close friends. There's a good bit about Mourne that is perfectly aware that 'knowledge is power' and much of this life is a game of power. While he has little desire to play that game himself, he's not so foolish as to think that means it's not being played around him. He's not about to let someone find some bit of useful information on him that could come back to haunt him later, unless he truly trusts them.

Quite often peaceful, very much a 'live and let live' person. But when it comes to fighting, Mourne holds nothing back. He believes you should never fight unless you're willing to carry through with what you start. He has spent his entire life growing up under the knowledge that the Horde was the true enemy of the elven people, to only recently learn that there are other enemies we face, and perhaps there is more to some of the horde than pure evil. This has led to quite a bit of emotional turmoil, and the revisiting of things he thought left in the past.


Mourne was raised alone by his father, his mother having died hours after he was born. He lived a somewhat sheltered life with his father, not because of any over protectiveness, but more that his father withdrew from the world a great deal after the loss of his wife, so soon after the news of the deaths of their first two children, the brother and sister Mourne would hear a great deal about as he grew, but would never meet. His adventurous spirit led him away from home a good deal, starting the tensions between him and his father.

He once told Cadence the story of Mourne's First Love

Growing up alone with his father left Mourne a great deal of time to learn the tricks of leathercraft. It was one of the few things they found as safe conversation between them, and so Mourne watched and learned the tricks of skinning leather. Even this, however, would cause tension for them. Where his father had no interest in such things, Mourne knew that leatherworking could be quite useful in making armor for fighting. Because of this, he eventually turned elsewhere to learn the many styles of armor available to those who could work leather. Most recently, he was introduced to the combination of elemental essences and leather armorcraft, and is searching for whatever rare legends of magical armor he can find to expand his craft.

Never one for being directly confrontational, but still deeply interested in being able to fight for his homeland, Mourne fell in with a group that could teach him to bring down his foes quickly, without all the face to face bashing of swords and shields. He has since then complimented this fighting style with additional talents learned during his travels, from such groups as SI:7 and Ravenholdt.

Recent TimesEdit

Mourne has spent the last many months perfecting his fighting skills, using his travels to different parts of the lands to observe various styles of combat. In that time, he has come across a great number of people he learned he can trust. A number of them are Scarlet Knights, and Mourne was quite pleased to be asked to join their number.

Always seeking to find ways to advance his skill, Mourne has spent a great deal of time battling the Horde, eventually being given the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Recently however, the politics behind the fighting, coupled with increasingly dishonorable actions by those he thought to be fighting next to, have disillusioned Mourne from continuing to fight. He can sometimes be found in Alterac Valley, having developed a lasting friendship with the dwarves of Stormpike.

When not adventuring, he can often be found in some tavern playing with small straps of leather, finding different ways to weave them together into intricate patterns. If he is not busy with leather, he spends his time working open gnomish and goblin locks, always looking to perfect his skill, probably chatting of opening a locksmith shop some day.

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