A story, as told by Mourne to Cadence, about his first love.

Mourne's First Love Edit

"Mourne, tell me a story." Cadence was not feeling well, and needed something to take her mind off it.

"Have I ever told you about my first love?" He said, thinking back to a time long ago.

It was a long time ago, I was still a boy interested in catching frogs more than anything else. One day however, I was climbing a tree. I had gone pretty far up, farther than was safe, but I saw something new this time, in the nearby field. A faire! Much like the Darkmoone really, it was just being set up. Colorful wagons scattered across the field, and tents of all sizes being put up. I was amazed, watching everything. And then, I saw her. My age she was, with long flowing silvery hair. Oh, she was beautiful!

I scampered down that tree as fast as I could, and ran out to that clearing, to see the faire, and her of course! Well, there it was, people running and yelling, tents flapping, animals being led around or trained. People were running around, carrying all manner of things, as you can imagine. So I, quite intent on finding this beauty, walked onto the field, picked up a coil of ropes, and did my best to look like I belonged. As I'm walking, a rather large, muscled man grabs me by the arm and stares right into my eyes!

I was scared senseless. I knew I was caught, but he just points over to the big tent in the middle, and says "Get that over there, quick quick!" So I ran, fast as I could, more to get away from him, but there I was, inside that tent. Soon as I walk in, another man sees me, and calls me over. "Good!" he says, "'bout time you got that here! Now, see that beam up there?" and points to a beam near the top of the tent.

Now, what I didn't know, as I'm looking at that beam way up there, was that this man, was tieing another rope round my waist! Next thing I know, I'm going sailing in the air, bobbing this way and that, and that man was pulling on the other end of the rope!

Well, there I am, bouncing and jerking, getting higher and higher, eventually I get to the top. That man, he shouts up from below, "Tie that rope good and tight to that beam, and be quick quick about it!" They all must say that, I think. So I'm nervous as can be, bouncing and flouncing, trying to tie the rope in a knot. From below I hear a different voice. "Father!" I look down, and there she is!

Well, I couldn't believe my luck. She runs over to the man on the other end of the rope that is currently holding me so very high in the air, and starts talking to him. Apparently, I must have finished tieing the rope, because I let it go, and it stayed attached to the beam. "Good work, boy!" I hear, as I look down. Next thing I know, zoom! quick as a whip I'm falling down and down and down, closer to the ground! Just before I know I'm gonna be squashed like a beetlebug, I feel that rope around my waist go tight again, and I stop! The man grabs me by the shoulder and turns me rightside up so that I can stand on my own.

And guess who I'm standing right in front of? There she was, the girl of my dreams. Looking right at me she was, and smiling bright as the sun.

And then I got sick.

On her.

All over her.

All that flouncing and bouncing, well, it caught up to me.

Well, she screamed, and then I screamed, and then he screamed, and when he screamed, well then I screamed. She went running off one way, and after I looked up and saw the look in his eye, I took off running t'other way!

I never got up the nerve to go back to that Faire. I still wonder what her name was, sometimes.

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