Steg mudvane

Vital Stats Edit

Name: Mudvane Blackhoof
Affiliation:The Steggy Shrimp Company
Race: Tauren
Class: Druid
Specialization: Balance
Professions: Leatherworking
Age: 31
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Fur Color: Black & White
Height: 7 1/2'
Weight: 425 lbs.
Alignment: Neutral
Current Status: Alive and well

Miscellaneous Information Edit

Location: None
Color: Purple
Food: Fish
Drink: Water
Quote: ass

Location: None
Color: Tan
Food: Beef
Drink: ass
Quote: None

Physical Appearance Edit

Mudvane is an average height, average weight Tauren. He has black fur on his back, with white fur on his stomach and arms. Two long black braids hang by his neck, and he appropriately wears a bull-ring.

Personality Edit

Mudvane is a docile creature, and quite shy. Speaking only when necessary, and believing that many should follow suit.

The majority of the time, he will not trust an Undead, believing them to be abominations of the earth. However, many have become his friends in recent years.

According to him, there is no war going on, only the biggotry of the human and orc politicians.

Origins Edit

Coming Soon

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