Description Edit

Name: Mugthol (Mugsy) Grol'thok
Race: Orc
Age: 28
Class: Warlock
Professions: Alchemist and Herbalist
Affiliations: "The Brains" of The Trade Of Blades

The Birth of DestructionEdit

Mugthol Grol'thok, born "Drog", started his existence on Draenor amidst the various Orc clans. He was born into a world of strife and discord. His fellow Orcs had recently fallen under the sway of a dark power, and the Bloodhaze had taken a menacing grip on his people. Mugthol, however, remembers very little of this time. Soon after his birth, the Dark Portal was opened, and he entered Azeroth as but a toddler, wide-eyed and amazed at the new world before him. He would know little at the time of what was truly transpiring, but he did learn one very lasting and important lesson: Destruction was power. Devastation was absolute. Kill or be killed, and love every moment of it.

A Mark of ShameEdit

From very early on it became apparent to those around him that Mugthol was less than bright. Dumb, even. He was slow to learn even the simplest things, and it was obvious he would make a better grunt than any sort of spiritual leader amongst his people. After a time, his lack of intelligence became so widely known, it became something of a joke to those around him.

"Drog," they would say, "You're as dumb as an ogre. You sure you ain't half-ogre?"

Day in and day out, nothing but constant teasing, chiding, and laughing. Aiming to prove them wrong, Mugthol did everything in his power to gain the knowledge he lacked. His exclusion from normal orcish society built about him an arrogance, and an obvious one.

"Boy, Drog, it's like you think you's royalty or somethin'. You're still as dumb as a brick...HEY! You's like the King of da Idiots! Ya big daff Ogre, you act like you's Mug'Thol! King o' da Ogres!"

...and the name stuck. It would be his mark of shame that he would carry with him, even to this day. No longer did anyone refer to him as Drog, his true name. His singular goal in life is to prove to his Orcish people that he is undeserving of the name, though he he still bears the mark.

Interment, Freedom, and WarEdit

All throughout the two Great Wars, Mugthol was forced behind the front lines, attending to whatever tasks needed to be done in each of the camps. Tending to the sick. Gathering supplies. Cleaning up after the soldiers. He was trusted with little else. When the eventual loss of the Horde was at hand, Mugthol and his orcish brethren were captured, and interned in camps. For Mugthol, this was both a blessing, and a curse. He would find his path in life, and damn himself with it forever. The Overseer of the camp Mugthol was interned in was a Warlock of some renown. Seeing the feats of which this Overseer was capable, Mugthol was immediately intrigued, and vowed to find out more. Late at night, he would sneak out from the camps, and steal books from the Overseer's library. There was certainly one thing he had learned, and that was to read. From that day forth, Mugthol studied with a ferocity he had never known himself to possess. The magicks he practiced were dark, mysterious, and certainly forbidden. He thought he certainly should care, but he was enthralled by forces he could not understand.

When Thrall came, freeing those of the camps, and travelling out to Sea, Mugthol followed, knowing it to be better than to sit around each day, laboring for some unforgiving human master. He served as a Soldier in Thrall's armies, and fought fiercely amidst the Warsong Clan in Ashenvale, and beyond. At the War's end, he found himself without work, so he enlisted to help in the construction of what would become his new home: Orgrimmar.

Jadenala Firekraag, and the Trade of BladesEdit

Shortly after the pact with the Alliance began to fail, and Orgrimmar was an established capitol for all Orcish people, Mugthol began to take his practice of Warlockery into the surrounding areas, nonchalantly agreeing to whatever meager jobs the locals of Durotar and the Barrens could offer. It was here that he met Jadenala Firekraag. He was immediately both amused, and disgusted by Jade's mannerisms, and methods. Having no other allies, he chose to follow her, eventually helping to found the mercenary company known as the Trade of Blades.

Life as a MercenaryEdit

Currently Mugthol is enlisted for work under the Argent Dawn, and for work against the Blackrock Orcs. He fights overtly for the monetary gains, but secretly he hopes one day to prove his worth, free himself of his mark, and go down in history as one of the most powerful Orcs to have ever lived. His arrogance still follows him, as does his sour demeanor. He's currently willing to take on any job for the right price, but it's best to be wary of who exactly you're signing on.

As he often says, though, "There's a difference between arrogance, and just being better than the rest of you"

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