"Do not let the demons tempt you, take pride in your will!" -Muhktar Rockhumbler

Name: Muhktar Rockhumbler

Race: Warsong Orc

Age: Elderly (exact age unknown)

Place of Birth: Somewhere in Draenor, in an Orcish encampment

Class: Shaman

Affiliations: Warsong Clan, Thrall's Horde

Title: Wandering Warsong

Guild: Imminent Rueage

Appearance: His hair is gray and in braids, his eyes are red from the days of Fel corruption. Muhktar is obviously an older Orc, and his structure is reminiscent of younger and more active days.


Muhktar Rockhumbler was born long ago, when exactly is unknown. Like vast majority of his Orcish brethren, Muhktar became corrupted by the Fel energies that the Burning Legion used to control them. These are days, however, that he uses as a reference for his Shamanistic teachings.

Early on in the Legion's Orcish campaign of Azeroth, Muhktar heard the spirits of the world calling out to him, despite his corruption. Mukhtar spoke back, and these spirits have kept in contact with him to this day, having seen great promise in the Orc's Shamanistic abilities.

After Thrall's freeing of his people, and the unfortunate death of the great chief Grom Hellscream, Muhktar did as much as he could to heal the wounded of his clan, and even the wounded of his enemies. Though as he knew, his people had wronged this world, whether they did it out of their own intention or if it were the intention of the nightmarish force which controlled him, and he would have to do much to restore the damage they had caused.


Muhktar's voice and appearance may be rough, but his touch and words are gentle. He cares greaty for the spirits of all living (and some unliving) creatures; Alliance, Horde, and everything in between.

He is passionate about restoring the destruction caused by his people in the past. Communing with the Shamanistic spirits of nature, Muhktar vows to make up the faults of his people.


Though the portal to the world on which he was born has just opened, Muhktar does not feel that he has done enough to heal Azeroth.

Soon, however, once Muhktar's time on Azeroth is complete, he will press on to Draenor and strike back with his allies at the Burning Legion for the horrors they forced he and his people to commit.

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