Munio Coldclasp
Game Information
Race Forsaken
Class Mage
Guild Curse
Professions Enchanter, Miner
Vital Statistics
Personal Information
Age 32 (at death)
Birthplace Dalaran
Current Residence Undercity
Pets Ishmael, a water elemental, and several critters.


Appearance: A small man, even by Forsaken standards, Munio is frail in his undeath, but his skin and hair has been well preserved. His right shoulder droops a little, hints to a past injury. Even so, he emotes power. His long robes flow behind him as he walks under the support of his staff. The air around feels cold, and his hands are numbing to the touch. His eyes glow a faint blue, and are equipped with a piercing gaze... Munio speaks in a kind manner, and is not spiteful toward anyone. He is generally a kindhearted man. Munio wears a small Silver Argent Dawn Pin over his heart, and a tarnished wedding ring adorns his finger. For the most part, Munio is dressed in blue. His face is slightly rotted, but not badly.

Munio once held allegeiances to Dalaran, after his death. After recent events however, he renounced his former people and joined the Argent Dawn.

Alive at HeartEdit

Munio's death was postponed by a redeemed Scourge, but the wound that saved he and his family eventually lead him to part from Stormwind where they had fled to, traveling to Lordaeron to see what had become of the city. He died at the edge of the moat, his last thoughts of his wife, child, and the hope of redemption from his impending undeath. He awoke at the bottom moat, Will returning to him, the Lich King's cruel whispers leaving his mind. Crawling from the depths, he came upon the battle for Lordaeron. After a brief confusion he joined the side of the Forsaken, and for four years fought among them. Meeting the same man who had been freed from the King's control when he wounded Munio, he was whisked away to Deathknell to return to training as a mage, and hopefully regain his title as Archmage.

Traveling through the Barrens, he met Plagos Deathweaver. Plagos was seeking willing Forsaken to join Curse, the Queen's personal guild if you will. Munio joined Curse and shortly became an Overseer. Now, many months later, he has regained his Archmage status, dedicated himself to the progression of peace and the Argent Dawn, and has become their official ambassador to the Forsaken - which is perfect considering his place among Curse.

Munio's philosophy differs from many Forsaken, this amplified by his membership in Curse - even with the many other liberal members of the guild. Peace being his ultimate goal, he gains the ire of many Forsaken despite his kind heart and accepting attitude of anything that isn't mindless or a demon. Spending most of his time in the Plaguelands between the Undercity and Light's Hope Chapel, his research and efforts have recently been dedicated to the Scourge's effect on time, and the Nether itself. While searching through old tomes and papers recovered by the Argent Dawn from plagued cities, and the castle know known as Scholomance, he found an incantation that would allow him to speak with and see spirits. During the rescue of Meridith Darrow, he was overwhelmed by the spiritual presence of the place and soon lost control his newfound skill - due to the strain on time and the spirit realm in Darrowshire.

After much trial and error, he discovered a way to control this skill once again. In this process he rescued a young orc shaman from the Twisting Nether, who came to be named after the leathers he wore upon entering the realm: Dokebi. Dokebi and Munio formed a close bond and learned many things from each other - Dokebi working to heal Munio fully and Munio helping Dokebi cope with the sudden change and loss of memory. Upon the culmination of his healing, the Shamanistic magics had attracted Munio's spirit companion, a spirit of water by the name of Ishmael. In time, he learned to summon him in a physical form and they are rarely seen parted. The trio would remain stable until the opening of the Dark Portal, as soon after Dokebi disappeared in the Hellfire Peninsula. Dokebi has since been found, Munio is now helping him cope with the torture he endured while captive.

Recently, Munio has since become a permanent fixture within Curse, as the Argent Dawn's need for him waned. This lead to far more political issues and much paperwork when he took on the role of Ambassador of the Forsaken. Slightly miserable, he is becoming far more open-minded to the Forsaken way of life.

Recent EventsEdit


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