Name: Mysshe.
Race: Forsaken
Age: 18 at death.
Place of birth: Agamand Mills, Tirisfal.
Vocation: Priest
Hobbies: the medicinal uses of herbs, exploring, reading, crafting gems and jewels, fishing and cooking.
Affiliations: Priest of the Argent Dawn; ally of the Aldor Rise.
Appearance: Mysshe is clearly embarrassed about her exposed bones, preferring robes and a hood to conceal her ugliness as best she can. She bathes every day in spiced oils to preserve what remains of her flesh. She has short, spiky blue hair, and the skeletal frame and ethereal pallor of her kind.


Mysshe vividly remembers her human life ... what there was of it. She was the only child of illiterate peasants who worked at the Agamand Mills, and was expected to marry a local boy and raise her own children in the same manner. An elderly spinster of the Agamand family took a fancy to Mysshe's inquisitive nature, however, and secretly educated her beyond her station. At the age of 18 and looking down the barrel of an arranged marriage, Mysshe was on the verge of running away to Lordaeron when the Plague took her and her parents, her intended husband, Great Aunt Agamand, and even the land in which they had all lived.

She believes that very little time passed between her death and her salvation from the Scourge, but she has no memory of the Lich King or anything she may have done under his control.

Soon after awakening in Deathknell, Mysshe was recruited by Dark Cleric Duensten and initiated as a priest. She progressed quickly through the early rites and was sent on all manner of tasks at the behest of guards and apothecaries, tradesmen and townsfolk. In the ruined city of Lordaeron she met the other Horde races and learned of the Alliance, and heard of a tavern in Kalimdor which welcomed all. Weary of living on the frequently wet and muddy road, hoping she could find stable employment and lodgings, Mysshe wrote to the Zephyr Crew and asked for an interview.

Drosh Derling met Mysshe in the Undercity and accepted her application, and together they travelled to Kalimdor to meet with Saraquael, the tavern mistress. Mysshe was delighted by the stark beauty of the Barrens and immediately felt at home in Ratchet. She secured employment as a barmaid at the Drunken Kodo, and rented a cellar bedroom in the inn. On her very first shift at the Kodo she met the pirate rogue Silkk Witherthorne and was captivated by his swashbuckling charm. They were inseparable, for five months of adventure and romance, until Silkk left her for another.

Casting around for something to fill the emptiness, Mysshe first thought she would dedicate her service to the Horde. She even professed allegiance to Sylvanas Windrunner until her best friends Vaien and Meridith convinced her that this was an act of grief. Inspired by her travels in the Plaguelands and the opening of the Dark Portal, and the advice and example of Munio Coldclasp, Mysshe allied herself with the Argent Dawn, and she passed through the Portal, into Outland, under their aegis.


Mysshe revels in the freedom she has attained beyond the grave. No longer tied to the narrowness of village life, she can now choose her own path; the whole world has been opened to her, to explore and exploit. Her hunger for knowledge and power is tempered by her desire to be of use to others. While sometimes shy, she does enjoy discovering new places and meeting new people.

Initially naive and idealistic, Mysshe has slowly become more cynical about the world and its peoples. Having been taught to mistrust the Lich King, she is equally sceptical of all leaders and holds Lady Sylvanas in no higher esteem than any other powerful elder. She was upset when she learned that the other Horde races only reluctantly tolerate her kind, and even more disillusioned when she discovered that the Horde and the Alliance are on the brink of war with each other.

Even though she trains as a priest and avows a dedication to helping others, and is constantly reminded to be patient and disciplined, Mysshe sometimes acts with the rashness, vanity and self-absorption of youth. Her childhood poverty has left her materialistic, if not plain greedy, and although she can be generous to those she loves, she hoards her gold against future deprivation. Once nearly obsessed with acquiring gold, she has settled down to study alchemy and the crafting of jewels which confer skill and strength, and she has learned that friendship is more valuable than profit.

Mysshe's love of reading has led her down many interesting paths. She researches rituals and spells. First scared away from studying alchemy by the dark secrets of the Royal Apothecary Society, she found in Stonard an orc wise in the craft who taught her all he knew. If she cannot cure an ailment she'll work tirelessly to increase her skills or discover an alternative treatment. But this extensive reading has led her down some dangerous paths, and many in the Undercity have learned to hide their more advanced tomes.


After nearly despairing of her dream of the Horde and Alliance united against their common enemies, Mysshe rediscovered her idealism when she met the Argent Dawn. She worked for them in the Plaguelands against the Scourge, and in the Blasted Lands, when the Dark Portal opened to Outland, she formally bound herself to their cause. In Outland she has allied with the Aldor faction of Shattrath City, which welcomes both Horde and Alliance. Before and above politics, though, Mysshe's true allegiance is to her friends, of whatever race or faction.

Mysshe was rendered mute by a mysterious curse, and is accompanied by Tink, her mechanical squirrel which was enchanted to speak for her. Tink does not always work, though, so the search for a permanent reversal of the curse continues. Mysshe travels with her horse Serafina, named for the stuffed toy of her childhood, and in Outland is borne by Seiryu, the beautiful netherdrake she rescued from the fel orcs of Shadowmoon Valley.

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