Core Statistics Edit

Name: Mythira Storm Claw
Title: Druid of the Earth
Rank: n/a
Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid
Spec: Restoration
Professions: Leatherworking
Age:Who wants to know?
Eye Colour: you can almost see her eyes though the faint glow they are green
Hair:silky white
Skin-Tone: A lavender with a dull hue
Height: 6ft
Weight: Humanoid:160/Cat:180/Bear:400/Sea Lion:water weight/Cheeta:140
Alignment:Neutral Good

Physical Appearance Edit

While in Elven form... she has waist length white hair, pale lavender skin, green eyes, and typical long delicately tapering ears. There is one vertical marking over each eye. She wears a locket at her throat that holds a picture of each parent.

Personality Edit

Very friendly and social, tries to help others when she can. Due to a rather traumatizing event in her distant past, she displays erratic behaviour in the presence of death. She also has a habit of trying to teach others about the ways of the earth mother.

Background Edit

Childhood Edit

Born somewhere within the lush forrests of the Moonglade, she was given to the care of the Druids there and began her training at that young age. She showed great promise of being elite in the ways of the Claw.

Adolescence Edit

In her wanderings outside of the Moonglade she, one day, stumbled across a young human female by the name of Sonita. The young priestess intrigued Mythira and soon a lasting friendship developed between them. A friend of Mythira's, whom she met in the forrests of Darkshore, by the name of Sahuruninra(or Sahur for short) and the young Priestess, Sonita pressured Mythira to give up her feral ways and become a druid of the earth.

Miracle or Curse? Edit


Recent Past Edit

Currently Edit

For the future? Edit

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