Description Edit


Natalise Cordana.

Name: Natalise A. Cordana
Race: Human
Age: 20
Birthplace: Unknown
Appearance: Golden blonde hair to her shoulders with emerald blue-green eyes. Natalise is an average height for a human. With her favorite color being red, she almost always has the color red on her.
Class: Warlock
Professions: Tailoring/Enchanting
Affiliations: Seer of Silver Cascade.

Personality Edit

Natalise is a very blunt, upfront kind of girl; she will walk up to anyone or anything and strike up a conversation. If she doesn't like someone, she will definitely let them know right off the bat. If she does like someone, then she can be the sweetest, friendliest warlock ever. She is incredibly strong spirited, has a mind of her own.

Childhood Edit

Familyphoto copy

An old family picture of the Cordana family before they seperated.

At only nineteen years old, Natalise Cordana has been through hell and back. At a very young age, her father left her family to become a pirate. Natalise's mother tried to hold the family together, working multiple jobs day and night to support her two growing children, but stress, frustrations and overwhelming emotions got the best of her so Natalise and her brother, Garreth, were dropped off at a local orphanage.

Garreth, being the older of the two siblings took off from the orphanage and left Natalise alone to fend for herself. She never did find out what became of her older brother after he vanished from her life. Growing up without her real family made Natalise a bit of a cynic, she always liked to lean towards the darker side of things which eventually lead her to become a warlock.

Relationships Edit


Natalise Cordana and Sonlorr Brathoren at the Darkmoon Faire.

Natalise has been in numerous relationships in her short life time. Most of which have ended in tears and resentment. She has never been in a serious, long-term relationship because she has attachment issues, due to her childhood. Whenever she finds someone to be with her, she instantly believes she is in love and gives them everything, only to be fooled in the end.

She believed that her last ex-boyfriend was definitely the one for her until Natalise found him committing infidelity with her best friend. It was a terrible, gruesome aftermath where Natalise attacked the two severely and left them to die. To this day, she still does not know what became of them.

As of now, the young warlock has her eyes and heart set on a Tauren shaman named Sonlorr. The two share an odd love as they do not speak the same language. Their relationship started from a simple friendship to something so deep and meaningful that both of them set their lives on hold just to see each other.

Aside from the romantic relationships, Natalise has many friends and acquaintances along with her demon companions. She abuses and picks on her imp, Dagloz, talks trash to her succubus, Lynvina, calls her Felhunter "Hon" but also calls him ugly and last but not least, she doesn't mind Thoktaz her voidwalker.

Recent Developments Edit

- Natalise has been recently informed of her brother's state. In this moment in time, Garreth Cordana is undead.

- Natalise has been in contact with her father, Orlarius Cordana, again after ten years. The two have a rocky relationship, but are slowly working things out with one another.

- Natalise is now a Lord of the guild Silver Cascade.

- Natalise has recently gained enough experience to summon a Felsteed. He is by far her favorite demon companion so far and she has named him, "Fury."

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