General Information Edit

Race: Draenei
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Professions: Blacksmithing and Mining
Height: 8'
Eyes: Generic draenei glowy thing
Hair: Black
Most Used Quote: "Hrm."

Physical DescriptionEdit

Nataske is tall, even for a draenei; she towers above most others at a height of about 9'. Her usually stern expression is accented by a strong square jaw and a long, narrow, slightly hooked nose. As such, she is hardly pretty. In fact, she is just downright manly.

Further lending to her masculine visage is her build; toned and angular with broad shoulders and a thick neck, not to mention she is severely lacking in the breast department. Her tail is long, thick, and plated as well, not short and slim like most females of her race. Her prominent horns are worn but well cared for, obviously having seen a fair amount of use in battle.

All in all, she is confusingly masculine; often times enough to hide the fact she is, in fact, a woman. To put the icing on this cake of testosterone, her voice is deep and gruff, heavy with a thick accent on the occasion that she speaks her poor, choppy Common.


Nataske is in a bad mood 99% of the time. She expresses this by talking as little as possible and glaring as much as possible.

She is often seen around with a small, young, and considerably better tempered draenei girl by the name of Feirna. Considering they are usually holding hands or linking arms, it's fairly obvious what the nature of their relationship is.

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