Nehlahna "Nehl" Darkspear
Game Information
Race Troll
Class Priest
Guild Big Booty
Professions Skinner/Tailor
Vital Statistics
Height 6'10
Build Average
Hair Gray
Eyes Brown
Personal Information
Age 40-43
Birthplace Stranglethorn Vale
Marital Status Single
Family Rotahl, her brother, and their old as dirt, older than Zul'jin father.


Name: Nehlahna Darkspear
Professions: Skinner/Tailor
Current Residence: Dustwallow Marsh
Specialization: Shadow
Affiliation: Big Booty
Appearance: This woman's robes have seen better days, at least, though her hair is meticulously cared for - and decorated with various little bones, teeth, black beads, and red beads. When the woman grins around her polished tusks, she reveals some blackened teeth, a feature that appears to be purely cosmetic.

Nehl's decorations culminate in her face paint, the purpose of which is to give her face a skull-like appearance (in other words: white face, black around the eyes and lips).

She may occasionally be spotted speaking to that which is not there, or grinning past people, and doesn't seem to be too concerned about wearing rather revealing clothing.

Personality Edit


Relations Edit

OOC NoteEdit

I welcome feedback - except on the following points:

1. I know about the Tribe thing, and don't care. If you don't like it, don't RP with me, but keep in mind that the characters rarely - if ever - bring it up.
2. The ages that are listed are how old the character would be if he/she was human.
3. World of Warcraft's timeline confuses the utter shit out of me. Vagueness is on purpose.

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