Nelianda Dewfeather
Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Hunter
Guild N/A
Professions Cooking
First Aid
Vital Statistics
Height 5’4” / 1.62m
Weight 73lb / 33kg
Build Slim
Hair Mouse Brown
Eyes Aquamarine
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral Good
Age 23
Birthplace Silvermoon
Marital Status single

Appearance Edit

Nelianda is 5'4", just below average for her race. Her general appearance is scruffy yet elegant, she has what could be considered an attractive figure and face although her hair is never groomed and her clothing is always near the point of falling apart even though she excels at tailoring. Her skin is covered in many tiny grazes and cuts, many from her lack of elven grace and the rest from battle injuries that could have been averted had she worn leather instead of her proffered cloth. The glint in her eyes is a bright aquamarine, a curious shade that places her eye-shade between that of both the Blood elves and High elves even if she has the personality of neither.

Personality Edit

Because of never being taught how to act as a Blood Elf should... and not choosing to listen when she was, she aged as a clumsy, impetuous girl who rarely shows a more mature nature. While most other Blood Elves are elegant and above all else. Nelianda trips where others would glide and stumbles where others would stride. Although fairly intelligent she doesn’t notice something outside of what she is focused on. If she was thinking of what cheese to buy she is surely not going to think of picking up the cheese someone has left on a nearby table.



She was born into a well established family in Silvermoon that she has since chosen to forget the name of. Her mother and father were both very proud of their lineage and wanted their children to be perfect in order to carry on with their superiority. Their vanity and hatred for the Humans lead them to want to have children to train up for the battle against the Alliance.


Much to the the dismay of her arrogant kin, Nelianda was a joyous, curious child that loved everyone and couldn’t stand the thought of attacking a Human merely because of a past dispute. Preferring to chase butterflies to picking up the sword on an Alliance battle-dummy she slowly rose the hatred of her family to boiling point. Even her brother despised her, he was the family mage and was much more loved than she in the eyes of her ancestors. Her parents labelled her a disgrace from the start and although she was the oldest of two children they abandoned her as soon as they could to the wilderness. From the age of nine she was alone to strive for herself... ending in her barely seeming grown up at all from the lack of education on how to be a proper lady.


Always striving to be different, Nelianda has spent her whole life deepening the gap between her and her kin.She took to training herself up as a Hunter as she felt more at home away from the other Blood Elves, and home was in the forest at that point in time. Finding she had forgotten her heritage she decided to rename herself and chose Dewfeather as her new-found surname. After hunting around dragonhawks for most of her life she had found that she wanted one to fend off her loneliness. She finally settled for one that was less ferocious than his siblings and named him Avian.


Finding she had begun to miss the company of other verbal life forms she decided she would allow herself to return to humanoid settlements although she knew she would never truly fit in with the bustling habitation of any town greater than the size of a small tribe.

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