Neomie Raven del'Omber Edit

Neomie armed

Gender: Female
Faction: Alliance
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Profession: Herbalist/Alchemist
Age: 27
Guild: TheBlackCompany
Usually found in: Stormwind


The paladin is a lean, olive-skinned young woman with close-cropped black hair and a swordswoman's easy grace. There is a jagged white scar beneath her left eye, but it does nothing to mar the good-humored glint in her amber gaze. The corner of her mouth curves frequently in a wry, crooked smile.

Her red and gold armor bears no ornament or insignia, but at her belt hangs a string of plain wooden prayer beads, much darkened and polished with use. The mingled fragrances of silversage and wild steelbloom linger about her.


Neomie del'Omber was born twenty-seven years ago in Stromgarde Keep in the Arathi Highlands, one of a pair of fraternal twins; her brother, born a few minutes earlier, was named Nion del'Omber. Their father was a highly-placed intelligence officer out of Ravenholdt Manor, their mother the daughter of a minor Lordaeron noble family.

Neomie and her twin brother were night and day as children; their parents nicknamed them Raven and Kestrel. Neomie was stubborn and troublesome and fierce-tempered; her brother was smooth-mannered and clever and amiable. Nevertheless, the twins were passionately close, and though Neomie clashed often with her parents growing up, she remained devoted to her brother and was often swayed by his patient counsel.

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Neomie stand

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