Netah GrimtotemEdit

Race: Tauren
Age: 35
Birthplace: Stonetalon Mountains
Class: Warrior (Rogue!)
Professions: Herbalist/Alchemist
Affiliations: Grimtotem Tribe

Appearance: This young Tauren woman bears the characteristic dark fur of her tribe, but compared to many she's significantly less scarred. She is lean, and moves strangely quickly and quietly for a large hooved creature.


Netah's eyes miss few details as they scan her surroundings. She is generally quiet, preferring to listen than to speak herself, but when she does it's often a cutting or acerbic comment.


Born into the Grimtotem tribe in Stonetalon, Netah was trained from an early age as a spy, an assassin and taught the ways of subterfuge. She possesses a ring that can make her appear Human, although she doesn't speak the language.

Raised by a mother determined to beat back the forces that would hold her to a low position in the Tribe, fathered by the lecherous Dusk who was also the father of No Grimtotem, Netah was trained by the warrior Dakos in the art of stealth as well as fighting, grooming her to become a spy and assassin for the Grimtotem. She got the first big test of her abilities by being assigned to tail and indoctrinate Sihu Pridehoof, who was sentenced to become part of the Tribe for killing Netah's father. She failed at this job miserably, falling in love with Sihu's ex-husband Grubgrabber, and has been trying to work her way back into her people's good graces ever since.


A Death in the Family
On Education...

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