Please feel free to add significant updates.


05-22-11 I've added Worgen and Goblin categories, which were long overdue, and now that I'm active here again will probably spend a bit of time going around the wiki cleaning up categories and such. --No 18:59, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

02-29-08 All character pages with more than just the character's in-game name as the title have been adjusted, for ease of navigation and location. In some cases I've had to use my best guess as to the character's in-game name, if I've gotten some wrong leave a note and I'll fix up the name and redirects. Pook 21:03, 29 February 2008 (UTC)

04-09-07 Cleaned out the "uncategorized articles" section. Many unused articles have been deleted or tagged. Please make use of Category:Candidates for deletion. New category added: Category:Weird. Refer to Layout_Changes for everything important.

I've added a Stories category. You should edit any existing stories so that they link to the Stories category and also your faction's story category. At the top you should also write what characters are involved in the story and link to their wiki pages (whether their pages are written or not.) See The Dark Maiden for an example.

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