Niainde Stormlight Edit


Gender: Female
Faction: Alliance
Race: Night Elf
Class: Hunter
Profession: Skinner/Elemental Leatherworker
Guild: None, at present

Appearance Edit

Niainde stand

The elf woman is tall and lean, with the muscular grace of a stalking cat. Everything about her -- skin, hair, eyes -- is the color of cold moonlight. She has a still, self-contained air and a cool, assessing gaze. A narrow scar beneath her right ear wraps halfway around her throat, and another jagged scar runs up her right arm from wrist to elbow.

There is an ash longbow slung across her back, and she wears a pair of gleaming hand-axes at her hips. Around her lingers the fragrance of woodsmoke and dry leaves.

She is generally accompanied by the great white Winterspring owl she calls Snow, though occasionally she may be seen with a lean grey wolf named Ash.

History Edit

Born in the north of Winterspring, near present-day Starfall Village, the huntress Niainde Stormlight served as a Sentinel under Tyrande Whisperwind during the Long Vigil. She was brutally wounded in the Battle of Mount Hyjal, and continues to nurse an obsessive hatred-verging-on-terror of demons and the Scourge.

She was impressed, however, by the valor of the Horde forces against the Burning Legion (she fought with Shandris Feathermoon alongside the Dark Trolls to try and fend off Archimonde's advance from the south), and when the war ended and Azeroth again began to spiral into bitterness and squabbling between the Alliance and the Horde, she became disillusioned and resigned her duties as a Sentinel, to return to Winterspring and solitude.

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