Description Edit

Guild Status: Disbanded

We are besieged from all sides. There is no respite, save for that which we earn with blood. We are brothers and sisters, those who had at first banded together for survival and ultimately found more than we had set out for. We are the Night Vanguard, we are the trust of the Horde.

History Edit

Having freed herself from the domination of the Lich King, Sylvanas Windrunner wasted no time in furthering alliances with the greater Horde. Seeking protection from the persecution of the Forsaken and greater allies to strengthen the crusade against the Scourge, the Dark Lady approached the great Warchief Thrall with a treaty. Though the mighty orc leader saw the benefit in this plan, he saw as well the threat.

To ease his fears and extend the first gesture, the Banshee Queen took it upon herself to form an organization that would be offered to the Horde; a dedicated offensive and defensive unit that would be more than a force to be reckoned with. She called it the Night Vanguard, and they would be promised at the forefront of every great battle the Horde would ever come to face.

Kendrik Blackthorn, the Dark Lady's brightest and most promising warlock, she named the Aegis of the Vanguard. He was the first, and the most cunning. She then assigned to him a protector, the Cerberus Mage Alexander Draconis, and left him with a second slot to fill of his own accord. The Cerberi serve as council to the Aegis, helping to guide the Vanguard in times of need.

The demands of the Vanguard are diverse, and each has given rise to three distinct branches of service: The Night Shields, the Wardens, and the Watchmen. Each with their own goals and duties, these uniquely suited soldiers and scholars band together beneath the banner of the Horde.

Thus gifted, and thus portrayed, Thrall accepted these warriors and cemented his alliance with the Dark Lady. Thus was the Night Vanguard formed, and thus do we strive.

For a time after its formation the Night Vanguard became know for its rapid deployment of defenders, as well as its flawless execution of assaults against the enemies of the Horde. It was not uncommon to see members of its ranks to charge head long into attackers that threatened the young Hordelings of Crossroads, nor was it unusual to find them sharing a drink over a shared campfire with the young ones they saved.

In recent times the demands upon the group became to diverse for them to remain cohesive, and with the disappearance of Alexander Draconis, the Night Vanguard floated without purpose. With the re-opening of the Dark Portal the remaining soldiers of the Night Vanguard reforged themselves under the direct control of the Warchief Thrall. Theses Wolves of the Warchief spearheaded the efforts of the Horde in Outlands.

Rumors have begun to circulate however that the shadowy Draconis has seeded the purpose of the Night Vanguard to the Blood Elves and they have taken up the banner of defending Azeroth simply calling themselves Vanguard.

Organization Edit

Wardens: Knowledge is power, and the Wardens believe that the knowledge they carry can be more destructive than any war and more powerful than any sword. They are the diplomats, those that keep the peace between the races. They are the scholars, both of peace and of our enemies. Studying troop movements, learning the tactics of our enemies, evaluating intelligence gathered from agents, and other such tasks are commonly assigned to this unit.

Night Shields: Born out of the basic need for strong defense, the Night Shields are sworn to fight and die defending the Horde cause -- whatever it may be. It is they who are the backbone of the society; their sword and shield are a representation of all that they hold dear and are willing to protect.

Watchmen: Some wars can not be won with strength of arms or knowledge of books. In some cases, a war is won by a dagger from the dark or a deadly spell. The watchmen are the assassins of the Vanguard; they fight a war most often unseen, though the results are often felt throughout the world. They are strategic, methodical, and quick on their feet, striking at softer targets and thinning valuable troops from the enemy lines. Conversely, they do not always kill, and will stay to the shadow to learn valuable information passed then to the Wardens.

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