Nilly O'MalleyEdit

Race: Gnome
Age: 39
Birthplace: Gnomeregan
Class:W arlock
Professions: Engineering, Dirty deeds, Arson, Thieviery, Assassination.
Affiliations: Herself, Her brother Stockings O'Malley, Nummie Gigglepie, Parfait Sugerspring, The Flamebeards.

Titles: Muffinologist of the Valley, Obstruction of Cookie Jars, Co-owner of The Radlinski Crime Empire, Terminator of Cakes.

==Appearance== Nilly is of course the epitome of cute that gnomes all share. She's rather chubby in the gut, with pudgy fingers. Her hair is Jade green, kept tidy and semi-short. She is often found with goggles on, rarely taking them off. There are several note-able scars on both of her arms. She wears a fanny pack across her waist, it often times is seen shaking on it's own, the contents anxious to be released.

==Personality== Nilly is insideous and evil towards strangers, especially of the other races. She is slow to befriend, though finds common ground with other gnomes. She is snide and sometimes childish. She is witty, much like her brother, and always has many sinister plans at the ready. Between the two siblings, Nilly is usually the 'brains' behind the operations. When faced with possible conflict Nilly will more often than not allow her brother to defend her, she despises direct conflict and probaly would never be found 'Cutting' someone, unless of course they are DEARLY asking for it. When her brother is ignoring her, or is not even around she despairs, and as said by a dwarf before "Even the most gentle breeze will make Nilly O'malley Cry". This is true when Stockings isn't around, she will often cry and wail. Like most of her race, she has a general interest in creating rather ludicrous items, more often with Engineering and what-not, and she enjoys conversing with others about her works and such. Nilly holds an unsurmountable hatred for cakes,the mentioning of cakes will make her twitch and fill her with renewed anger. If she sees a cake she will quickly proceed to destroy and obliterate it into smithereens, as cakes are the bane of all things living in the world in her mind. ==Milton O'Malley== In her youth, unknown to Stockings, Nilly had a second brother, Milton O'Malley, whom was older than her. They liked to argue and fight, and Milton would steal things from Nilly and spit in her hair, common childish things. One morning Nilly awoke to find her favorite doll torn into shreds and burnt to ashes. This infuriated the youthful gnome, she seeked out Milton, whom had left a Gnote(Gnomish note, of course) near the scene of the crime describing his intense fun from destroying her prized possession. She had found interests in stealing and harvesting souls, but had never accomplished much herself. She had always wanted to take a machine and place a soul within it so that it could have emotion as well as function. She found her brother later that evening at the top of the stairs in their Gnomish Home, where she tackled and wrestled him about, during which they exchanged bites, punches, noogies and wet willys. After they broke apart there was an immense amount of yelling, and Nilly shoved Milton down the stairs to his broken neck and back, and soon death. Nilly's anger greatly subsided, soon filled with great anticipation. She harnessed her brother's soul, placing it within a magicaly enhanced muffin that would never stale nor rot, and had regeneration capabilities. She despaired soon, regretting her hasty decision to kill her brother in the name of science, quickly devoting much of her life thereafter towards researching muffinry and souls in a desperate attempt to restore her fallen brother. Many years later towards present day she had performed an experiment within a local tavern, suceeding in transfering Milton's soulfilled muffin into a Mechanical squirrel, where he communicates with her in chirps and beeps. She keeps him close at all times, usually tucked inside her fanny pack. Stockings, her younger brother, knows next to nothing about Milton, nor his existance as his long deceased brother. ===Recent Events=== Soon to come.

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