Description Edit

Name: No Grimtotem
Appearance: The draenei is a bit bulkier than the norm. His eyes lack the blue glow normal for his kind, and instead appear as human-like eyes with yellow irises. The two tentacles extending from his chin are tied tightly together, almost braided.

A Dangerous Disguise Edit

No originally visited Alliance lands in a human illusion granted him by Magatha. The relative size of humans compared to his true height, however, made acting the part somewhat difficult. When the draenei began appearing, he had an enchanted amulet fashioned that granted him the appearance of one of their kind, thus fitting his size and anatomy more closely.

This trick has drawbacks, of course. While he looks convincing, he certainly doesn't feel that way; it's a visual magic only. Should anyone touch him, they'd feel the furred bulk of a Tauren. This causes him to give everyone a wide berth.

And while he's learned to speak Common almost fluently, he can't rid himself of his outlandish accent...

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