On this page, you may nominate extraordinary articles, images, or stories submitted to the wiki (or the TB realm forums with permission from the owner) to be featured on the Main_page for a 'month'(submissions may be on the Main Page for longer than a month if there are not enough submissions to warrant changing the featured item).

Brief Nomination FAQEdit

Q: How do I nominate someone?

A: Post the name of the author and link to the page here under the "nominated" section. Leave it from there.

Q: Can I nominate anyone?

A: Yes, you can, as long as that person has submitted work to the wiki/agreed to have their work displayed on the front page.

Q: Can I nominate myself?

A: Yes, but you can't vote for yourself. This feature is for patting one ANOTHER on the back.

Q: What happens after I nominate someone?

A: Go to the Discussion tab on this page (Talk:Nominations) and write what you think of all the nominated work. You can even write a bit about why you nominated what you nominated. Basically, whatever gets reviewed the most positively gets put on the front page.

Q: So what if what I nominate isn't put on the front page? How many times can I nominate the same thing?

A: You can either give up or nominate them again! You can nominate something until it has appeared on the front page at least once. If it has been significantly altered, you may nominate it again.

Q: Do you get some in-game item for being nominated or featured?

A: Nothing at all!

Q: Hey! It's been a month and there's no new feature!

A: Well... it's feature of the "Month" more than it is of the month... People update as they have time.. and as nominations come in.

Nominations Edit

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