Norair Rose Cooper
Game Information
Race Half-Elf
Class Mage
Guild Fal Belore
Vital Statistics
Build Petite
Hair Auburn
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral Good
Age 33
Birthplace Boralus, Kul Tiras
Marital Status Single

Physical Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Norair is particularly small and thin, standing only a hair above five-foot-two and tipping the scales at just one hundred and ten pounds. She tends towards darker colors, particularly browns and grays, and generally carries her weapon on her belt even in town. Her smile is easy and comforting, and her demeanor kind and caring, if a little distant. Hidden beneath her cowl are the striking blue eyes and elongated, blunted ears of a half-elf, a fact she publicly hides.

As an individual Norair is quite outgoing, bordering on overly talkative, although she rarely speaks of her past, and even less of her heritage. Her tendency is to ramble, particularly on topics in which she is knowledgable. As a woman who, if she were human, would be fast approaching middle age she is pragmatic and serious minded about issues of importance, and is seemingly more aware of her own mortality now that she is the same age as her mother was when she died. Further, her military experience has lead to an individual who has few illusions left about life, and her experience in hunting the Orcs has considerably shaped her view on the current conflict between the Alliance and the Horde.


Norair Myles was born thirty-three years ago to a Kul Tiran seamstress named Jennifer Myles and a high elf ranger named Arden Dawnspear. The product of an illicit relationship, particularly given that Arden was married, Norair grew up listening to her resentful mother describe her father as wealthy playboy who had only taken up with a Kul Tiran commoner because it was the current fashion amongst the upper crust of Quel’thalas. Still, despite the harshness towards her father Jennifer proved to be a compassionate and loving mother to Norair. Despite the stares and the rumors, Jennifer defended her child and her heritage whenever the opportunity presented itself. Eventually, Jennifer married a doting, kind man from Crestfall named Simon Cooper who adopted the girl as his own.

The scope of Norair’s life changed when she was accepted into the Kirin Tor upon her eighteenth birthday. Relocating to Dalaran to begin her magic studies, the long journey marked the first occasion when she had left the island of Kul Tiras. Under the tutelage of the Kirin Tor she proved to be an adequate student, but with an exceptional tendency towards a quiet, calm steadiness. Upon her full induction into the ranks of the Kirin Tor Norair took a military commission and was attached to the cavalry column the Alliance had raised to recapture the renegade Orcs who had escaped the prison camps. For six months, the column caught only glimpses of their green skinned pray, and only once was Norair witness to any sort of combat – a tale she claims, to this day, allowed her to at least respect the Orcs as honorable. When the column was recalled in shame Norair, knowing she was destined to be assigned to some far flung outpost as punishment, ended her military career and took a Kirin Tor post in Boralus, returning to her beloved Kul Tiras. It was here where she would ride out the Scourging of Lordaeron and the fall of Dalaran, returning only when the Kirin Tor reasserted itself and began rebuilding Dalaran.

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