Name: Nozara (no last name)
Rank: Used to be a Knight, but was forced to retire when the Order of the Silver Hand was disbanded.
Home: Technically, Stormwind. However, he was born in Stahnbrad.
Race: Human
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Age: 34 (used to be 29, see below)

Background Edit

Nozara is of the town of Stahnbrad in the Alterac Mountains. However, recent times have forced him to change his homelands to the far south, in Stormwind. Despite his rather free-going attitude, he is actually rather serious whenever something threatens him or his friends. Whenever he has the time (and enough gold), he can often been seen using his skills in armorsmithing with just about every metal, jewel, and stone that has ever been seen (With a few that haven't...) . He's also recently decided that he wants to experience love (emotionally, not sexually) with a woman at least once before he dies. However, these desires are usually forgotten about during his frequent drinking binges, and are only remembered after he's sober. He also holds a very high discomfort for the cold ever since he was in Northrend (see below).

History Edit

Early childhoodEdit

Nozara lived life peacefully in Stahnbrad, doing everything he could for his mother, who had fallen ill soon after his birth. At the age of 8, she passed away, leaving him devastated. Just a year later, the Second War began.

After the Alliance emerged vctorious, Uther Lightbringer himself, along with a contigent of the Silver Hand, passed through Stahnbrad on their way to Stratholme. While there, Nozara was absolutely amazed at how much of a great man Uther was. When they left a couple of days later to renew their journey, Nozara began training himself in the ways of fighting, hoping to one day become as much a man as Uther was.

Annointment as a PaladinEdit

When Nozara turned 19, his father deemed that he become a Paladin. The Archbishop agreed, and a year later, Nozara became a Knight of The Silver Hand. He then spent the next decade or so, working with others in the Alliance, and performing any task, no matter how menial, he was asked to perform. He lived a peaceful life, only having to deal with the occasional bandit, or very rarely an orc or troll hoping to terrorize some village. In every case, he subdued the threat, only once ever having to resort to killing when a warlock tried to sacrifice the people of a small farm for a demonic ritual. Then, the Plague came.

Journey to NorthrendEdit

When the Plague struck, Nozara joined Prince Arthas' cause. However, he drew the line when Arthas declared Stratholme be purged, and only killed those already turned into the undead by the Plague. Soon after, he was deployed with the rest of the men to kill Mal'Ganis. While Arthas and Muradin Bronzebeard were retrieving Frostmourne for the final battle between Mal'Ganis and the Alliance, he killed off scores of undead with the others. When Arthas returned alone with Frostmourne, he took almost all of the forces with him, leaving Nozara in command of just the peasants, and a few straggler footmen and knights. Days, they waited, wishing to know the outcome of the battle.

After a month, Nozara could stand it no more, and rode out to the northeast. There, he saw the bodies of all of Arthas' and Mal'Ganis' forces, with no sign of either commander. Just as he was about to turn back, however, he spotted a darkish, almost black blood spilled at the very tip of Mal'Ganis' base. He knew then the outcome of the battle.

Instead of being overwhelmed with joy, however, his intuition told him something was wrong. Quickly, he rode back to the base, and found it, along with almost all the men, had been razed to the ground. He quickly rallied the survivors, and they decided that the best course would be to rebuild the boats they'd used to get to Northrend. They left without the Dwarves, who had left with Baelgun, leaving them with no ranged support. It took them so long to return that by the time they'd reached Lordareon, the Battle of Mount Hyjal had been won by the Alliance, Horde, and Night Elves.

What they found, however, was nothing like what they had ever seen. Thousands of acres of land had now been blighted by the undead, with very little life left. They eventually snuck through vast legions of undead to Hillsbrad, the nearest safe haven that was still standing. From there, despite many setbacks, they managed to reach the lands of Azeroth after traveling to Ironforge through the northern lands of Khaz Modan.

Possesion Edit

A couple of months ago, an unknown member of the bronze dragonflight took control of Nozara to recruit more to Nozdormu's armies (as well as personal reasons regarding the dragons' extended family). Only recently was Nozara able to exorcise the dragon from his body, and take measures to make sure nothing of the sort ever happened again. However, the ordeal left him very drained, and he's currently recovering from the process in a secret place that is unknown of to anyone except himself. The ritual he had to perform also required him to give a few years of his life to work, thus turning him to the age of 34.

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