Nummie GigglepieEdit

Race: Gnome
Age: 32
Birthplace: Gnomeregan
Class: Warlock
Professions: Enchanting/Tailoring
Affiliations: The Gnew Gnomeregan Project

Appearance: Nummie is downright adorable, from the tips of her pink ponytails down to her pink-painted toenails. Her voice is high and childlike. She has beguiling wide blue eyes and a pouty little mouth and looks to be rather young, about the human equivalent of sixteen. When she grins, however, there is something vaguely disturbing about her eyes...


Nummie is convinced to the bottom of her soul that she is the ultimate evil in the universe and the eventual conqueror of all Azeroth. The fact that her actions are seldom evil in and of themselves does not dissuade her at all from her resolve. She rarely speaks below a shout, unless of course it's a menacing whisper, and is constantly telling everyone she encounters, even shopkeepers, even people just passing her on the street, to FEAR her WRATH!



Although she would never admit it later in life, Nummie had a happy and quiet childhood filled with friends and a loving family. The Gigglepies were Engineering masters of the city of Gnomeregan, specializing in toymaking and other gadgets more for amusement than practical purpose. An only child she was much adored, and was cheerful and well-behaved.

The IncidentEdit

Nearly every Gnome on Azeroth has a horrible story to tell about the fall of Gnomeregan, and Nummie is no different. She saw her friends and family die before her. Her parents shielded her from harm long enough to get her to the lift out of the city, but then were torn apart by Troggs as she watched. She was relocated with the rest of her people to Coldridge Valley, where she was taken in by her Aunt Tufsy. For a time she didn't speak, hardly ate, only glared harshly at the world and it's inhabitants. When she finally did start to communicate again, her message was dire...

The Ruiner of WorldsEdit

"Fear my wrath..." she said to her Aunt in a voice hardly above a whisper. In order to prevent another incident like Gnomeregan, in order to rest assured that the world would no longer be a place of chaos and pain, she would bring it into order. HER order. She would conquer Azeroth and rule it with an iron fist, enslaving the population and forcing them to live in peace with one another...and serve her, of course. She would have a throne of cookies, fresh-baked for her each day so they wouldn't go stale. Love was a sign of weakness. As she saw it, her parents' weakness was their love for her, and it was what got them killed. Them and countless others, trying to save the ones they cared about. Only strength mattered. Strength and the resolve to do whatever was needed to dominate. She developed a violent hatred for technology and Engineering and instead took up Demonology, Affliction and Destruction, teaching herself to be a Warlock and harness the powers of darkness to her will. In her journeys she met Berten, Reidra and Orimm, all of whom she came to regard as minions of hers.

The Eater of SoulsEdit

Nummie quickly learned that her circumstances and plans were not all that unique, and that the fall of Gnomeregan and subsequent plights of her people had created many crazed, world-dominating Gnomes, Warlocks in particular. One especially vexed her...a Gnomish man named Jenchenzi. Alone of all the other pretenders to the title of Conqueror of Azeroth he was a match for her wit and guile. They of course hated one another at first sight and fought violently every time they encountered one another.

Strangely, however, Nummie's diary seemed to be filling itself up with pictures of Jenchenzi surrounded by hearts and flowers, QUITE on its own, mind you.

And then one day, while attacking Nummie near the Moonwell in Stormwind's park and chasing one another, as they were wont to do, Jenchenzi kissed Nummie under the water. Furious, she vowed revenge. He had stolen her first kiss...and he had stolen her heart. He was a theif and the worst kind of infidel, and she would destroy him herself. Later she was kidnapped by an opposing evil Gnome girl, and despite their mutual hatred she was furious that Jenchenzi didn't show up to help her. She stormed off to Theramore where he found her near the docks, and it was there that she admitted that she quite liked him a lot and kissed him in return, much to her own frustration and his surprise.

She had no way of knowing that it would be the last time she ever saw him...

Ruining a New WorldEdit

Jenchenzi was killed that very night, right on the docks of Theramore, by the evil and vile Stockings who was hired to do so by shadowy interests. Nummie was destroyed by this news...but more than anguish, she felt anger. SHE had the right to kill Jenchenzi and nobody else!

Using her demon-fuled powers she was able to track his soul, finding it had moved laterally to another parallel universe. She threatened a Gnomish engineer into helping her transport herself from the world the scientist called KT after the mages of Kirin Tor to world TB, named after the Thorium Brotherhood. In this move however she lost most of her power and all the abilities she had learned as a Warlock. She set about trying to find Jenchenzi's soul again and regain her strength. Rather to her surprise she encountered some of the people she knew again like Reidra, Berten and Orimm. And she encountered someone else familiar with Jenchenzi as well.

Using a sensor built for her by the Gnomish engineer who sent her to that world, she determined that a Gnome she met shared a good deal of the soul of Jenchenzi. It was, however, none other than Stockings, who filled her in on his fate. Vowing to destroy him and eternal hatred, REALLY this time, she began to plot his downfall even while she befriended his sister Nilly and their mutual friend Parfait. She also earned the sympathies of Draeg Flamebeard and Jinx Bauble's double Redux when she accidentally ate a batch of cookies imbued with a sleeping agent and her true, childlike and innocent nature became known to them under the effects of the drugs.

The Death of Nummie GigglepieEdit

Nummie's plotting didn't get very far, however, when fate intervened. Lord Sebastian Cromwell needed a sacrifice for a ritual to save his son Tybilt as well as Jamie Redshaw and Aden Hawke from the evil Cyrille's vile plague. Specifically, he needed the heart of an innocent girl. He cornered her and forced Jamie to slit her throat while Nilly and Chiseta stood helpless to act. Her body was consumed by the evil magics set loose and she was well and truly killed. Flamebeard and his wife Saraich later found her ashes and put them in a cookie jar, the one she always liked to pilfer from at the Wisps and Spirits which she had claimed was her base of evil operations. Her ashes remain there to this day, awaiting when they can find enough of her friends to perform an official funeral service for her.

Recent TimesEdit

The original Nummie Gigglepie from universe KT finally got her entirety transferred over instead of a piece of her soul, and began wreaking havoc anew. She found Jenchenzi crazed and shattered and in league with Lukka Grimple, mad genius, and the misanthropic Moruz to build a new Gnomeregan titled Gnew Gnomeregan in Loch Modan, and being promised the position of Queen she gleefully joined.


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