Nyle Leves new
Nyle Vera Leves
Game Information
Race Forsaken
Class Apothecary Afflictionist (Warlock)
Guild Maelstrom Convene
Professions Enchanting, Tailoring
Vital Statistics
Height 5' 5"
Weight 100lbs.
Hair Dark Purple
Eyes Glowing Yellow
Personal Information
Alignment Lawful Evil
Age Unknown (Last records gave
at the least 150 years)
Marital Status Single
Pets [to be updated]
Family Orphiel Morningstar

Kayil Anarion
Hareth Levesk (deceased)

Coreen Morningstar (deceased)

Description Edit


Family DescriptionEdit

Kayil Anarion + Orphiel Morningstar

Also known once as Saerileth Azhari, Kayil is labeled as an adoptive daughter, much like her brother, Orphiel Morningstar. Unlike the Forsaken, both children are born to a Sin’Dorei and High Elf couple. Nyle had taken the two into her custody as she witnessed an event that had demoralized the children when they were young. It was considered the last time that Nyle Leves even had a “heart”. If she were to be alive in Elf form, both of these children would have been her nephew and niece.

Hareth Levesk

High Elf Magister of the fine art of Fire mastery. Hareth was once Nyle’s husband before both had died. He was a front line enchantment member in the Second War under the Alliance, where he had died from a poisoned blade wound that was not treated. It was not known if this Magister was allowed Purgatory as a Forsaken or not, and Nyle has never found him since her own death.

Coreen Morningstar

Sister-in-Law of Nyle Leves, younger sister of Hareth Levesk. Also mother of Kayil and Orphiel. Between Coreen and Nyle, both High Elves were close, as if they were of immediate relation. Nyle had aided the care of raising her children whenever Domeric Morningstar was not around (which was most of the time), and often remained within their house since Hareth’s death.


Prior MorgensternEdit


Role in MorgensternEdit

Resisting a Second FallEdit

Care Keeping House MorningstarEdit


Role in Maelstrom ConveneEdit

To be edited
Overseer and founder of Maelstrom Convene.

Stories and DocumentationsEdit

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