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standing left-right: Xantraun, Zandro, Tsuranu, Audreid, Groddala. sitting left-right: Ramerra, Ispus

Obsidian is a Horde guild comprised mainly of Forsaken and Blood Elves, though all races and classes are welcomed into the guild's ranks. The guild is Heavy RP; all /say and /g text is considered in character (IC). Communication in the guild chat works through the hearthstone being a communication device. There is also a guild out of character (OOC) channel.

Members and Organization Edit

Obsidian is organized in a semi-hierarchical system with the top position being that of Guardian and the lowest being Abecedarian. Under Guardian is the position of Overseer, directly under which is Champion. Below the position of Champion are the three "Branches of Conduct" of Obsidian. The first is the branch of the Advocate Elite, which is designed to lead player-versus-player (PVP) excursions (example: Battlegrounds). The second branch is that of Congnoscenti which is concerned with maintaining continuity between Warcraft lore and the role-playing stories of the guild, and involving as many guild members as are interested in a particular role-play episode. The last branch is Athenaeum, which is devoted to maintaining gameplay knowledge and wisdom regarding matters such as talents and quests. The rank under Champion is that of Elders, senior members of the guild whom have contributed frequently and substantially to Obsidian and have a considerable tenure. The Elders occupy the foremost positions within the three branches.

Current Roster:

Guardian: Audreid Sleepstorm
Overseer: Ramerra Morrigan
Champion: Ispus Scorned
Cognoscenti: Zandro Sandstrike
Advocate Elite: Lutherus
Elders: Tsuranu of the Acoma, Saccharin, Xantraun

Under the rank of Elder is that of Citizen, a confirmed member of the guild who have been in the guild long enough to be considered a full-fledged member. Abecedarians are typically new recruits.

History Edit

The founders of Obsidian were first members of a guild known as Fallen Glory. The first incarnation of this guild was lead by Alaric Blackthorne. Members of this first incarnation included Ahtiyel and Faol Powell. Over time, this group began to dwindle and went into a peroid of stagnation.

The second incarnation of the guild was lead by Alaric's heir, Cyneric Blackthorne, who, with the help of Ahityel, revitalized the guild by bringing in a wave of new recruits such as Audreid, Ramerra, Zandro, Lutherus, and Domini. This incarnation, however, did not last long as Cyneric departed the guild.

The third incarnation of Fallen Glory was lead by Ahtiyel. Under Ahtiyel's leadership, Fallen Glory expanded further and formed a more complex hierarchical ranking system. Ahtiyel became Lord Protector of the guild and formed three houses under him. The House of Armaments, a prototype for the later Advocate Elite, was lead by Zandro. The House of Commerce, dealing with guild funds and auctions, was lead by Ahtiyel himself. The third branch, the House of Relations, dealing with intra-guild and inter-guild relations, was lead by Audreid. Despite any strides that Ahtiyel made (many of which are more correctly attributed to Audreid), the guild eventually disintegrated. This happened after Ahtiyel made a PVP blunder in the Gurubashi Arena during a guild function.

Most of the members of Fallen Glory left and joined a new guild formed by Audreid and Ramerra, Obsidian. The Ladies did away with the three houses of Fallen Glory and organized the guild by new ranks. Unfortunately, the inner bickering did not subside with the creation of Obsidian. Feuds between several of the senior members eventually lead to the departure of Meradith and Murth whom founded the guild "Band of the Dark Flame," taking several members of Obsidian with them. Despite this loss, Obsidian continued onward and now fares considerably better than Murth's crew.

Recently, many Blood Elves have joined the guild. Also, the ranks of Obsidian were once again changed and configured into the present form.

OOC Information Edit

Obsidian forum -


Zandro, Ramerra, and Xantraun fishing in the Undercity

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