Major CharactersEdit

Trinda To'Baga
Robozk Peltskinner

Too Drunk? Too Robozk?Edit

Trinda had just stepped out of the Hall of the Brave. The moon was out and the wind was warm. There he was, an elderly Orc who had clearly seen many battles. T'was Robozk, she had met him while aiding the war efforts. "A respectable Orc," she thought at the time.

Robozk smiled at Trinda as he had many times before. Often she just smiled back, nodded or simply waved and kept moving. However, that night she stopped. They reaquainted themselves and exchanged a few stories. Strange how Trinda had never noticed neither the magnificent polearm nor the Orc's owl. She did that night.

The conversation went on and two more Orcs came to join in. She was enjoying their company.. much more than she expected, but the horn of war sounded and Trinda had to leave.

During the battle, she was focused on taking the Alliance's flag down to replace it with the Horde's. The Alliance banners fell swiftly and Trinda headed back to Orgrimmar.

Trinda always finished her nights with a drink. Tonight she stopped in the tavern at Orgrimmar and once more, Robozk was there. He was very intoxicated and was even making moves on the Undead and the Orc girl that was of his clan.

He offered her a drink and a seat. Trinda obliged and took the mead happily. Free drinks were never a bad thing, especially after a victory in the Gulch.

There were many jokes and anecdotes shared between the patrons of the tavern. The atmosphere was so friendly that she ran to the bank to break out her rare Moonglow that she had saved from the Lunar Festival. The drink was a big hit and it quickly ran out, but that didn't matter, the company was worth it.

A few rowdy folks passed in and passed out, a fight near broke out, but that couldn't spoil the group's mood. Trinda was enjoying every moment of it. Especially when Robozk struggled to get to his feet in her defence!

The night progressed and Trinda got a little tipsy. The rest of them were right smashed. Robozk had been rather flirty with her but at the same time he was rather flirty with the others as well. Oddly enough, her heart felt lighter. She had only felt this once before and she must have been all of sixteen years old and still living in Shimmer Ridge!

"He's drunk... He's drunk... T'ink nuttin of it Trinda. You's ah ol' bat an' no one eh like yuh like dat," she told herself.

Eventually Robozk worked up the courage to slip his arm around Trinda. To her suprise, Trinda found herself leaning in closer to the Orc!

"Two ol' fools. Grey hair an' all..." she thought, "why de hell not?"

Robozk started hinting that he wanted to "go to bed". Though she wanted to, her aging body yearned for the feel of flesh pressed against flesh once more, she let him down gently by stating that perhaps next time there would be a better chance of that. The Orc was persistant, but Trinda needed to be sure it wasn't just the alcohol talking. She rubbed his head, rumfling the Orc's grey hair slightly, and headed to her quarters alone.

As she lay on her mat, she wondered, "Ah Orc an' ah Troll?" Trinda gasped... "Is I? am I? Lukou** guide me!" Her troubled mind raced back and forth until it came up with a solution. She smiled. She slept.

Too Drunk? Too Robozk? (Robozk's perspective)Edit

The old orc was winding down from what was an amazingly tiring day. He headed to the inn with his new Outrider, Yasiin. It was meant to just relax him, to keep him from sleeping wrongly on his sore muscles.

He let himself drink too much though, and it quickly turned into a night of increasingly forward flirtations...

Yasiin had told him quite bluntly that she wouldn't do anything with her boss, and so he layed off slightly. The alcohol kept coming though, he was buying rounds for all the lassies in the tavern, convincing them to sit with him for a while. A troll, an orc or two, even an undead lass came to sit with him for a time.

His attention wandered, going back and forth between a few of the girls. He wasn't really interested in any of them save for not sleeping alone that night.

Then a girl he recognized showed up, or at least a lass he recognized. Even in his stupor he knew Trinda by the bright white hair on top of her head.

He smiled and greeted her, buying her a large amount of drinks and telling her to sit with him. For a while she just sat next to him, the group there talking about some nonsense or another that not even half of them would remember in the morning.

He enjoyed everyone's company, but payed increasingly more attention to Trinda, wrapping his arm around her, whispering in her ear, exchanging smiles. He did indeed try to get her to go to bed with him, though it was futile... he was far too drunk to be in any way good at convincing a girl to do so.

She had left him, too drunk to really even leave the bar. He smiled as he allowed himself to pass out in the corner, making sure the barkeep knew that he intended to stay the night.

The following morning he tried to recall what had happened the night before. He remembered most of what happened, but remembered almost none of the small details.

He had to find Yasiin to make sure he hadn't made a fool of himself.

The orc couldn't find the frostmane lass that day, even though he looked.

Something new, hopefully (by Robozk)Edit

The old orc had drunk himself to sleep more than once over the past week. He had been lost, and he didn't know what it was he needed to become found. He surrounded himself with women every night, trying to forget about his elf... or more the elf, as she wasn't really his anymore. In truth though, each time he passed out, alone and abandoned, it made him feel worse.

He had however found some solace one night, when he was enjoying the company of a somewhat older troll lass. He was drunk of course, but he slept easier that night than any of the others.

The orc had called her 'Frosty' in his drunken stupor, pointing out her Frostmane heritage, and her bright, snow-colored hair. It was in truth the bright hair that had drawn his attention in the first place.

The rest of the week he didn't see her. His drinking continued, getting worse more or less each night, until the weekend rolled around. He found her again, and they spent a good deal of sober time together. It was almost cute, two elderly warriors sitting together, commenting on how the younger troops were always in a hurry...

Robozk for the first time had let go of the elf, even if just for a moment. They spent much of the day together, and even much of the evening. It was a welcome break for the old orc, a welcome change to the constant war and drinking he had been doing.

She took him to where she normally spent the night, in the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar. They talked for a while, then decided to go to sleep on one of the roofs of the place. Robozk with his arms around Trinda, and her curled up around him.

It would prove to be the most peaceful sleep Robozk could remember.

The Troll likes to cuddle?Edit

Once more, as she headed out of the Hall of the Brave, there was an old Orc hovering about. He yelled at her, but she couldn't see him. No wonder... He was on the rooftops! When she finally figured it out, Trinda too climbed slowly ontop the roof to be with her friend.

She hoped he hadn't noticed, but she was smitten. For the first time in many many years, she had feelings for another. Possibly someone she could even see herself getting involved with. They sat and basked in the moonlight until Robozk said he was tired. He said he would go to sleep on the rooftop where they sat. Whether it was a trick or not, Trinda had decided to take him back to her sanctuary in Orgrimmar. At the very least, it was more comfortable.

To Robozk's suprise, Trinda's quarters were already occupied by a Troll Mage. Trinda giggled and said that he was there to watch over the Trolls that stayed there and to keep Troll women safe from wandering hands. The Orc stated that his intentions were true and that he wouldn't disrespect a lady.

She accepted his words as truthful and they stepped onto the straw roof of the building. Slowly they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms... Trinda still worried that she may get hurt, but at that particular moment it was impossible. She smiled. She slept.

In the morning she left him there to heed the call of battle. She figured that Robozk wouldn't be too offended. He was after all one of the Mor'shan Outriders.

After her battles, Trinda wandered the streets of Orgrimmar and came across Vrishka. They spoke for a short while. Trinda learned of a few things she would now have to ask Robozk. She wasn't too worried... Still... She'd have to know.

The end of -that- elf. (by Robozk)Edit

The old orc didn't quite know when to stop. He had gone to see the elf, gone to tempt himself again. He left her though, both were angry at the other, both too stubborn to just apologize. It was the breaking point for the orc, he left Winterspring and the elf, with no intent to return anytime soon. He would see the snowcapped peaks sooner than he'd let himself see her again.

He returned to Orgrimmar; upset, angry, frustrated. He travelled to the inn he had gotten to know so well and bought himself far too much to drink. Vrishka had tried to get him to stop drinking, multiple times, but the old orc wouldn't listen. He felt painfully alone, drinking outside the bar rather than inside with the other patrons.

War called, and he went to fight for the Horde. Vrishka slapped him as he kept drinking, but it didn't get him to stop. Seeing her there actually made him wish to further inebriate himself. That old voice came back...

You idiot, drinking yourself to oblivion, insulting and pushing away those you really care about. You're a fool, an old, weathered fool. Even if her curse was broken, you think she'd want someone who looks like he could keel over and die at any time?

The voice sent the orc into a rage. He rampaged towards the Alliance forces, without concern for anyone... even when Vrishka had called for help. His spirit was sent to the healers countless times, but it did not stave off his bloodlust.

When the fight was over, and his temper cooled, the orc limped groggily from the Hall of the Brave. He was sober, the countless trips to the spirit healers having cleansed his body. He hobbled down the streets, trying to get back to the bar. The old orc gave up halfway, electing to collapse against a wall in the Drag.

Sober, and beaten, he had time to really -think-. His newest Outrider, Yasiin, had just found out about his relationship with that elf. He had watched the respect drain from her eyes... he could literally see any respect she had for him disappear. He fought the image in his mind as it turned into all the others he had disappointed.

It crushed him, completely.

You old idiot. You knew this would happen. Those elves knew they couldn't beat you physically... so they had that wench defeat you mentally. Is that what you want? To be defeated by a damned elven woman?! Get up you damned fool, I won't have you betray your name... -OUR- name! The might of the Warsong Clan is in your blood! Use it!

The orc passed out with that, his mind being furiously torn through by the voice of his demonic blood-curse.

The voice in his head was angry at the seemingly weaker Robozk that had been in command of his body. The old orc kept himself sane through his sleep though... dreaming of a single troll that calmed his spirit.

He dreamt of an elderly troll woman, one that kept him safe through the night.

The angered voice died away.

Questions and answers.Edit

Robozk had been in Alterac all day, so Trinda gave herself a goal: garner enough respect with the Darkspear that they would allow her to tame and ride a Raptor.

She headed to Grom'Gol Camp and recieved her mission. For hours she and a Tauren Shaman tore through units of the Bloodscalps, who were ravenous with the Blood God's fury. She had never had to slay fellow Trolls before and this was no exception. They were not fellow Trolls. They were corrupt with the hate of Hakkar. After the last skull had been crushed and the tusks ripped from the corpses, Trinda returned to Grom'Gol. There was one last task they sent her to do. On the beaches of Stranglethorn, there was a great crocolisk that tormented the locals.

She walked about fifty meters from the camp when she saw it. To her suprise, her focus was broken by a lone thought, "Don't die. He would be crushed." She shook her head and locked eyes with the croc. Her eyes burned with a passion none had seen in her eyes since her youth in Shimmer Ridge. Its eyes were dull and emotionless, it was ready for all comers. Or so the beast thought.

The thought crossed her mind again... "He will be waiting..." She sprung onto the head of the crocolisk and jammed her fingers into its eyes. She pushed until blood seeped from the sockets. In one last ditch effort, the croc started a death roll. Trinda jumped off before she was crushed under its weight. When it stopped, she brought the hammer down with all of her might. A normal hammer might have bounced off, but she had just recieved a Whirlwind Hammer from a great Warrior. It crushed the beast's head in. Apart from a few twitches of the legs, as all dead creatures do, the crocolisk would never move again.

She ran back to the camp to inform them of her victory. Right there in the jungle, they gave her a coin with the Darkspear crest on it. She knew what it meant and for some reason, she couldn't wait to tell Robozk of her accomplishments. She caught a blimp to Sen'Jin and turned in her coin signifying the respect of the Darkspear. A female Troll gave her a pick of three Raptors. Trinda picked the turquoise one, as she felt it would do best in the frozen regions.

On her slow ride back to Orgrimmar, all she could think of was talking to Robozk and perhaps any of her Tribals that were in the region. Upon entry to the city she saw a Troll girl.. She was missing an ear it seemed, she also had many a scar and awful burns. Trinda, feeling a deep sadness, lost her smile and sent Tee'Na away so she could speak to the girl. They exchanged hellos, and although the girl was hesitant, she seemed grateful to talk to another Troll. Trinda gave her a few items before letting her return to her hunting.

Just as the Troll was about to continue her hunt, she winced and turned away. Trinda too felt the presence but had a different reaction. She smiled. Robozk had come to greet her at the gates. She quickly introduced the two and extended her help -and Robozk's- to the girl. The girl, growing increasingly uncomfortable, excused herself to further her training.

Trinda turned to Robozk and hugged him. They remained in the embrace for a while, it had been a long day for them both it seemed. The two called their mounts because Trinda wanted to get as accustomed as she could to Tee'Na. They dismounted when they reached the waterfall and crossed to the other bank. The elderly duo sat and just stared at the reflections on the pond for a while. Trinda remembered the reason she wanted to meet and broke the silence.

"Ah was talkin' to Vrishka de oddah day... she did say how -she- was de reason for yuh breakin' up wit' de Elf?" Robozk nodded, "Aye, we had words. In fact, quite a few of the Outriders wouldn't even talk to me for a few days." "Well... ah can understand dat. Ah also undahstand yuh own point of view a bit... Are yuh truly over de Elf now?" "Yes lass, I think so," Robozk smiled at her. "Good. What of yuh Tr-- Clan?" "What of them?" "Do dey approve of me? Of... us?" "Lass, they are extatic am no longer seeing her." "I asked of me, not de Elf." "I am sure they do." "Yuh mus' find out. Yuh know dat iffin dey doh approve, dere is no way it can work." "Aye lass." "Especially dat Vrishka. Ah doh know why, but dat one commands a respec' ah doh usually have in de young'uns." Robozk nodded again, "And your Tribe?" "Ah haven't been able to speak to mih Mambos yet, but de Fist of we Tribe is aware. He wants to meet yuh." "Then we will meet." "Hehe, good. Dat's settled den."

Robozk kissed Trinda softly. Trinda pulled Robozk closer, making her tusks press into Robozk's cheeks. Trinda didn't notice until the kiss was done and small line of red slid down his face..

"Dey fuh sure will know yuh seein' a Troll now. Dem marks be unmistakable." "Aye, don't worry. I'm sure it will be fine."

Robozk had to cut the meeting short because he was dreadfully tired, but Trinda had accomplished what she set out to do. She had her Raptor but more importantly, she had her Orc. Trinda finished up her auction house dealings for the evening and retired once more in Robozk's arms. She smiled. She slept.

Of friends and fiends.Edit

"Aquenda!" Trinda shouted excitedly, "It's been so long since ah las' saw yuh!" Aquenda nodded, "It's good to see you too!" "What yuh doin' in de jungle gyul?" "I'm just doing some favours for the Grom'Gol folks." "Yuh want some help dere?" "Sure! I have to defeat Tethis and some Bloodscalp leaders." "Lead de way!"

The two went off into the jungle, fighting many a Goblin and panther. It took some effort, but they managed to down the fierce raptor they call Tethis. They trodded along until they reached the Zul'Kunda Ruins. There were hundreds of Trolls just waiting for someone to make the mistake of walking into their domain. Being the optimist, Trinda charged into a small group at the entrance. Aquenda followed suit. The pair tore through twenty Trolls, Aquenda healing them both when needed and Trinda simply crushed everyone in their way.

They reached a set of stairs and quietly (yes, Tauren can be quiet) ascended. They realised that even with their streangth, they could not defeat such a large number of Trolls. Aquenda saw a ledge, off to the side, that they could scale and walk on. They did just that. When they spotted a Troll that looked larger than the rest, they knew they had found their quarry. In two seconds, Aquenda had frostshocked the Troll and Trinda executed him. They took his head and crept back out. The leader was dead and three quarters of the Trolls in the building had no clue!

Trinda and Aquenda parted ways at Grom'Gol. Aquenda had to further her training in the jungle and Trinda had someone to meet in Orgrimmar...

Robozk was waiting by the Bank for her. As bad luck had its way, Robozk was called to war as soon as they hugged. Trinda used the time, she knew it wouldn't be long, to aid the war efforts by turning in bandages. Sure enough, as she was finished reaping her rewards Robozk returned. The hustle and bustle of the city was getting on Trinda's nerves, so they agreed to ride out together. Before they did, Trinda had to make one quick stop at the Bank. She handed Robozk a handstitched tuxedo jacket, shirt and pants. He tried it on and was clearly uncomfortable. The old Orc had grown far too accustomed to his armour. Trinda said to keep it in his vault -just in case-.

As they exited, they mounted up and slowly rode out of Orgrimmar. Between Razor Hill and Orgrimmar, Robozk asked about Trinda's age. He was suprised to hear how old she was. The two laughed about it and continued through Razor Hill and west to the Barrens. Robozk had one more question to ask of Trinda. He was concerned about his bloodline.

"Lass... are you stil able to have children?" He asked with a hint of concern. Trinda sighed, she knew it would come up, "Unless dere was some miracle of de Loas, I seriously doubt it..." "I ask because I am getting to the age where I may not be able to have children. If I die, there will be no one to carry my legacy." "Aye... ah will speak to de Witchdoctors, Shaman an' Holy Men. Iffin dey say dere is nuttin' dey can do fuh me... I's sure we can arrange -somet'ing- for yuh." Robozk nodded, "Uh.. aye..." "I's greedy in some ways, but I's not selfish like dat."

Before the conversation could go further, Trinda halted on the bridge between Durotar and the Barrens. "It be vereh nice out here when yuh take yuh time an' look at de beauty." "Aye lass." A great horn sounded and Robozk sighed. Before he could speak, Trinda spoke. "Ah know, yuh have to go. I go be around." "Aye, war calls again lass." Robozk rode towards the Gulch and Trinda headed for the Crossroads.

When the horn sounded again, Trinda was thrilled. Perhaps she could finally see Robozk in battle. This was not so, they were in different regiments. He was with the Outriders and she was running with a mercenary group in a different section of the field. The battles raged and as Trinda defended her little outpost, all she could think of was Robozk. On returning to Orgrimmar, Trinda spied Robozk with another Troll woman. One she knew, all too well. It was Sinjaya the Blackhearted. Trinda sighed, because she knew it was going to be a long day. It is a litle known fact that Trinda and Sinjaya aren't the best of friends. In fact, one might say they are rivals, enemies even.

A long conversation about love and hate ensued. Onlookers came and went as the three verbally jousted about emotions and pain. Robozk and Trinda on one side, Sinjaya on the other. There was only one moment where Trinda disagreed with Robozk, and that was when he called the realm they lived in pathetic. Trinda being -very- proud of her homeworld shot him an angry look but saved her disdain for another time.

In trying to make a point, Sinjaya grabbed Trinda from behind and held an arcane blade rather close to her face. Robozk immediately drew his polearm. Realizing the slight advantage she had, Sinjaya taunted Robozk. He would have to pierce Trinda to get to the Blackhearted one. Quick on his feet, Robozk whipped out his crossbow and aimed it squarely at Sinjaya's head. She pulled the blade down Trinda's face slowly, drawing a small trickle of blood. Trinda winced slightly.

"Let's make a deal," the disgruntled Troll said. She pulled out a vial of blue liquid. Trinda, having seen the effects of the potion before screamed out, "Doh be a fool!" Sinjaya smirked and pulled her hand over Trinda's mouth. This was Sinjaya's biggest mistake. Trinda bit the other Troll's finger hard. Sinjaya shrieked in pain and jumped back. Trinda quickly ran to Robozk's side. Robozk, having had enough of the witch, loosed a bolt in Sinjaya's direction. Instinctivly, Sinjaya pulled up her mana shield and it absorbed the bolt. Almost immediately after, Sinjaya teleported or blinked out of sight. Whichever she did, she was gone. The horn sounded again and the elderly couple embraced before they went to war.

One last time, Trinda exited the Hall of the Brave. She saw Robozk and Sinjaya again. When she got within ear's reach she heard the tail end of a conversation. "Whether or not that's true, right now she's worth it," Robozk said as he smiled. The old hunter had sensed her behind him. "Whatever yuh was talkin' about, dat sounded good," Trinda said as she winked at him, "but de heat is gettin' to mih. Ah mus' take a res'. Will yuh be aroun' tomorrow mistah Robozk?" "Of course lass." "Excellent. Until den, stay good Robozk. Sinjaya I hope yuh *mumbles*..." She called Tee'Na, mounted up, and headed to the Valley of Spirits. She lay in the pond for a short while to cool off and then relaxed in her quarters.

Confrontation with Ankt. (by Robozk)Edit

The old orc had just emerged from Alterac. It was a bloody fight of attrition this time... neither side truly having an advantage through the entire match. Then the Alliance forces started losing heart, and left the valley to the tired Horde armies. It was a bitter victory, and Robozk was tired.

Trinda had mentioned something about being in Ratchet, at Jehotay's tavern. Robozk headed that direction immediately, hoping for a bit of rest. He was greeted warmly at the tavern entrance.

"Welcome sir!" a tauren named Slorn had said. "It is not often we get people of such reverence coming to our tavern! Do please have a seat!" "Why thank you.." the old orc replied. "I came for a certain troll."

The orc looked around, it wasn't hard for him to find Trinda. She was wearing a very small red dress, one that Robozk had become quite fond of on her. She told him to remove his shoulder armor, and then proceeded to give him a massage. He allowed himself to relax for the first time in a few days, his muscles were tense from battle, and his skin ragged from the cold of the Valley.

Then a sharp sound echoed through his mind, it was the spirits carrying a message.

"Where are you old man?"

It was Ankt, the brash young lass who had been the first given the honor of baring the title Lieutenant General. She sounded irritated, and rightly so... Robozk had just called her out on her so called 'power' that she had excercized earlier in calling Bloodrite a bunch of traitors.

He responded calmly, meeting her outside the city of Ratchet. She showed up fully armed, her face turned into a scowl at the sight of the old orc. Robozk had most of his armor on, but he wore his eyepatch instead of his helm. His face was indifferent, perhaps even a spot of pity across his expression.

"I called them traitors because they don't show me the respect I deserve." She snarled. "Aye lass, but you haven't shown anyone else respect either..." "They don't deserve my respect! They're a bunch of enlisted soldiers! And you've defended them! Bah! You're nothing." "I will not fight you lass... not here, not now, not for this reason."

Ankt challenged the old man to a duel, the flag between them. Robozk sighed as the duel started. He didn't make a move towards her, didn't make a move towards his weapons.

"I will not fight you, not here, not now..." "Fight me old man! I will beat you down and you will lose all your honor!" "My honor will be gone if I raise a hand against you." "Fight me now!!" she yelled at him.

He frowned, but did not move towards her. She was dumbfounded, her expression of hate turning into one of confusion. She slapped him out of anger. He stood and took it, his one good eye looking directly into hers.

"You will lose the only friend you have if you strike me down lass." "Have you ever truly been a friend?" "I would hope that at some point you would have considered me one."

She slapped him again.

"You deserve respect lass, for your prowess in battle... but your actions outside the field leave much to be desired." "I don't care about your desires old man!" she snapped at him, something truly bothering her. "Not since that damn longear you were with!"

For a moment she let her emotions betray her, and the old man could now see what the problem was. He saw in her face the reason that she had singled him out. It was not his insubordination, it was not the fact that he had bested her in a duel before...

He straightened himself. He wouldn't fight her, and she finally realized it. The Lieutenant General snarled and mounted up, riding far and fast from the old orc.

He returned to his troll, tired and deep in thought. It had been a long day.

What next?Edit

Trinda spied the old Orc in foront of the bank. She had been out recruiting all day and it was a rather pleasant suprise. However, the pleasant part was about to jump out the window. She noticed Robozk's long face. She noticed his lack of conversation. She noticed a dullness in his one good eye. She asked him what was wrong. He asked her to follow and sit. Normally she might have a smart comment for orders like those, but she knew something was up and let it slide.

The pair sat, not in but, next to the tavern. He explained to her that the Outriders were no more. He seemed tired and within minutes of the meeting, he headed off to bed. Trinda still had things to do, so she stayed up a few more hours. When the time came, she headed up to her quarters. He was there sleeping. She lay with him. Yet something loomed overhead.

Trinda drifted off to sleep with worries in her mind. She assured herself that things would be fine, but a little voice kept placing doubts. She would have to wait and see. Robozk was the only one that could shed light on the situation now.

Sinjaya the Corrupt... the Confused...Edit

Several days had gone by; Trinda had not seen Robozk in several days. She had just returned to Orgrimmar from her scouting mission in Loch Modan. Yelling from the Drag caught her attention. To her surprise, it was Sinjaya.

“Oh Triiinda! Where are you?” “What yuh want? De last time yuh came after me, it was wit’ a blade in hand!” Trinda shouted back.

“I have some wonderful news! Oh! I also have your little boyfriend here.”

Upon hearing this, Trinda got worried and hopped on Grosh with haste. Before riding off, she let Zule’kin know where she would be. She told him to keep an eye on the events just in case anything happened. She knew where Sinjaya was shouting from. Close to the mailbox in the Drag, hidden behind a tree, stood Robozk and Sinjaya. Trinda approached slowly. She looked up and caught a glimpse of Zule’kin hiding on the rooftops. Trinda nodded discreetly, and Zule’kin ducked down out of sight.

“Oh good! You’re here. We can begin,” Sinjaya smirked. “What are yuh on about?” asked Trinda. “You’ll see,” a mischievous grin crossed Sinjaya’s face.

Robozk and Sinjaya talked about some kind of struggle for possession over Sinjaya’s mind and body. Trinda started putting two and two together and realized why Sinjaya seemed so confused all the time. She was being corrupted by the power of the Elementals. Robozk was adamant that the creature left Sinjaya or he would force it out. Sinjaya laughed and claimed the Troll as its property.

The dialogue between the two continued, Trinda was being left in the dark. She was unaware of most of the goings on that had taken place. Eventually the conversation shifted to an easier subject to follow; Dragons. Sinjaya claimed that she was attracting Dragons using magic runes. Robozk scoffed in disbelief. Sinjaya made a sudden move towards the street and Robozk drew his sword immediately. Seeing the threat, Sinjaya threw some sort of green dust in Robozk’s face. He started coughing. Sinjaya cackled maniacally.

“Hehe, courtesy of the green Dragons,” Sinjaya grinned.

Before Trinda could go to Robozk’s side, he motioned for her to stay put. He too threw the strange green dust, right in Sinjaya’s face. The two stared each other down, coughing was the only sound for a good minute. Then Sinjaya pulled out a vial with a bright blue liquid… Both Robozk and Trinda had seen it before. Trinda and Sinjaya alone knew what it was. Trinda gasped, before she could warn Robozk to watch out, Sinjaya had jammed the vial into Robozk’s mouth. He resisted and the vial broke. The glass sliced his lips and gums, but he managed to spit out the shards before they could do too much damage.

“You know what that was Trinda?” Sinjaya smiled. “Robozk… yuh didn’ drink none right?” “No lass, *cough* but I can feel it seeping into the cuts.” Trinda glared at Sinjaya and slapped her square in the face. Sinjaya rubbed her face and laughed. She grabbed Trinda’s throat as Robozk dropped to his knees, the potion taking effect. The Frostmane grabbed Sinjaya’s hand, but it only resulted in the Blackhearted squeezing harder. Trinda dropped her hands.

“Let her go!” Robozk snarled from the ground. “What!” Sinjaya couldn’t believe Robozk was resisting the potion.

Sinjaya loosed Trinda, pushed her down to the ground and moved away from the pair. Robozk’s eyes started glowing, a dim red. He was forcing himself to slip into a Bloodrage. Trinda saw this and smiled, though she knew how dangerous it could get, it meant that Sinjaya’s potion was now useless.

“Yuh bes’ run.” “Why? Because the Orc is a little angry?” “Heh… he not jus’ angry, him furious! Yuh bes’ high tail it out of here before he mash yuh face in, b*tch!” “TRINDA… RUN!” Robozk growled through his teeth. “I don’t know how long it will be before I can’t control myself...”

Trinda looked deep into Robozk’s eyes. This was no joke. He could handle himself, but bystanders would be a liability. Sinjaya started to laugh. Trinda nodded at Robozk and took flight from the vicinity reluctantly.

“Yuh makin’ a mistake messin’ wit’ he, Sinjaya…” she rode off on Grosh.

All the while, Zule’kin was watching from the roof. Ten minutes passed, the last time she saw the potion in effect, it lasted just three. Trinda used the spirit voices to find out if Robozk was ok. Zule’kin replied positively and she went back. Robozk and Sinjaya were sitting down… drinking a squealing liquid from a leather pouch. Oddly enough it seemed this liquid had a voice. Sinjaya called it Drippy.

Trinda was terribly confused. However, Sinjaya seemed unusually calm. As did Robozk. So Trinda motioned with her right hand and Zule’kin dropped from the rooftop. Robozk placed his finger over his lips and said “Shh.” Trinda and Zule’kin nodded and watched in silence.

Sinjaya got up and muttered something about her mother’s necklace. Robozk followed suit. The two Frostmanes watched from a distance, just in case things went awry. Sure enough, there was an intense explosion by the mailbox. When the dust cleared, Sinjaya was rummaging through the pile of rubble and mail. She found her necklace and passed out. Robozk and Zule’kin helped her to her feet. Trinda watched in disbelief. Sinjaya was full of tricks, Trinda was ready for any shenanigans. They laid her to rest on a mat in a house not far from the orphanage. When she was “safe” and comfortable, the trio left Sinjaya. They talked for a bit, when Ujanda came across them. Zule’kin ran off to Stranglethorn, but Ujanda stayed and kept the old couple company. Following a short introduction, Ujanda too, hurried off to further his training.

Trinda and Robozk talked about the Outriders, the Vanguard and the Frostmane for a good half an hour. Just as they were finishing up, Robozk heard the horn of war. They hugged and parted ways for the evening. Trinda slept alone that night.

When she woke up, Robozk was no where to be found. She sighed, but simply assumed he was still in Alterac. She headed out to Loch Modan to scout a bit more.

Sinjaya the Corrupt... The Confused (Robozk's perspective)Edit

The possessed troll had many tricks. The controlled power of a dragon... she released the dragons poison into the air, directly at the old orc. Unfortunately for her... the orc had trained to fight all sorts of dragons, and he countered quickly. He released his own dragon venom at the troll, both more annoyed than hurt by the others' show of power.

Sinjaya was reaching then, running out of options. Robozk had backed her into a corner, and was showing no signs of letting up. She reached into a pouch and pulled forth the small vial of liquid. Quickly she forced the entire vial into the old orc's face, shattering it into his mouth.

He fell to his knees, coughing and sputtering as he felt the potion's contents seep into the blood of his face. He had to make a decision... one that he feared to make...

He had to allow himself to succumb to the dormant bloodlust that he knew he still commanded.

The old orc closed his eye for a moment, and when it opened it glowed a fierce red. His armor buckled over his muscles as they bulged, his entire body growing to an abnormal size. Everything went red, the last thing he could remember was commanding Trinda to run, and seeing the primal fear on Sinjaya's face.

He had succeeded, his ruse had worked... the elemental had left Sinjaya's body of it's own will, simply out of fear for what the orc would do.

The orc spent the night alone, deep in thought. It had been a rough few days...

Missing him.Edit

Trinda had just got back from a long day. She had mailed out her report and had conversed with Yes. As she lay on the straw roof she had become so fond of, she realised how much she missed -his- company. The empty arms said it all. There was a space there now that needed to be filled.

Robozk... wherever you are, I be missin' yuh. She thought. She laughed for a moment, half wishing he could hear her.

She sighed. She wished. She slept.

Missing Him. (Robozk's perspective)Edit

The old orc had become more reclusive over the last few weeks. The war weighing on him, along with the loss of his Outriders... the loss of numerous friends...

The war was turning slightly as well. The Horde troops had become lax, lazy in their victories, and the Alliance was taking advantage. It was difficult for the old orc to instill strength and courage in his troops. And it weighed on him heavily.

Then there was this... letter, this report Trinda had sent out. He enjoyed her company, even loved her to an extent. But with all the problems he had... this was something to add to the list of things that would force his hair to fall out.

He had spoken to Thrall, asked for a vacation of sorts. An early retirement maybe...

The Warchief begrudgingly told him in two months time he would be allowed to take leave. Robozk was thankful. Just two more months of the incredible toll that the war was taking on him... mentally and physically.

He returned to his home, the tent in the Barrens... and slept alone. He forced himself to be alone physically... he felt alone mentally.

Frostmane Council.Edit

Deep in Dun Morogh, Trinda sat in conference with her kin. They discussed what actions should be taken when she returned to Durotar to represent the Frostmane once more. Trinda barely paid attention. She stared off into the fire seeing images of Robozk flutter by. Her last wncounter had left her deeply saddened. He seemed rather tired, rather...

She shook her head vigourously and resumed her talks with her icy bretheren. Love, it seemed, had to wait.

Reflection and slight Rejection.Edit

Upon Trinda's return, she immediately sought to touch base with her little unit. All was well on most fronts so she had nothing to fear. She dealt with some Trolls who were interested in the Tribe and then headed back to see about her auctions. Once that was all out of the way, she had one last loose end to take care of.

The Orc found her in a circle of her Troll friends. She introduced Robozk to all of them and quickly said her goodbyes. This conversation was not for all ears. They retreated to the tavern at first, which was a bit busier than anticipated, so Robozk took Trinda to a quieter spot.

They both sat down and watched the bustling city below them. Robozk let out a long sigh, probably already guessing the nature of the conversation. She asked about his tired demeanour and why he seemed so drained. He explained that he felt alone and had been isolating himself from everyone. He went on to say that Trinda and he shared much in age, but not so much in experience. Trinda quickly agreed. Though, she thought, not in the way he expected. She explained that everyone always feels that what they went through was the worst, the hardest, the best experience ever. As a result, no one can truly understand anyone else fully. She stopped herself before she prattled on too much and moved to a much lighter subject.

She thanked him for directing Meelas to her. The young Troll in the Night Vanguard was seeking Trollish history. Something that Trinda, while not an expert, is fairly well-versed. The girl asked about Sen'jin and his people. Trinda explained that the Witchdoctor had died with and for his people. Meelas now understood what it was to have a Tribe. It made Trinda feel good to help someone in that way again. The tears of joy from the other Troll warmed her heart much that day. It was all because of Robozk.

After she finished her tale of educating the young one, Trinda continued her train thought. It led the conversation to exactly where she wanted. She asked the old Orc if he respected her and if she was still a little attractive. Positive answers from both made Trinda's heart spin, but she didn't let on. She explained how she had missed him greatly while she was away, and finished off with a question. She asked if he was still interested in her. If he was still interested in Trinda, -that- way.

His reply was, "I... I do not know, lass." She wiped a tear from her eye. Robozk caught the tail end and figured she was just tired. Trinda smiled and said no but she left it at that. She got up and told him she was off to sleep. She told him, "Yuh know where to find mih when yuh do have a proper answer. Be it good or bad, I go be waitin'. Good night, Robozk." "Good night, Lass."

Trinda headed down the stairs, fighting the tears that would be falling shortly. She just needed to get back to her quarters, then she could release it all. Though it wasn't for certain, the pessimist in her took hold and assumed the worst.

She thought of the kisses. She thought of the embraces. She cried. She slept. ==Reflection and slight Rejection (Robozk's perspective) He knew she was upset, he could see it in her. He thought it best though for him to allow her to be upset alone... especially since he didn't have a true answer for her.

The old orc felt alone. He had, for some time, felt alone. And he was isolating himself, not on purpose, but it was happening nonetheless. He wished he could tell her that he still wanted to be with her. But he didn't feel like he deserved companionship in any form.

That voice was getting to him, the voice of the Blood Curse. Slowly whispering it's way into his conscious. Convincing him that he should be more gruff, be more threatening. Convincing him that it was then that he was indeed the strongest.

He felt numb as he went to bed alone.


The night was young. There was a break in the cries of war. Trinda spotted Robozk. They smiled. Thay talked... then he kissed her softly.

Taken aback, but pleasantly so, she returned the favour. A few tears fell... "Dust in mih eyes... is all." He chuckled and wisely agreed.

She decided to tell him everything. At that key moment, war called. The conversation would have to wait. Such is the life of two old warriors. No rest for the wicked they say...

All Revealed.Edit

Trinda spotted the old Orc on the roof of the bank. His demeanour... definitely a bit better than usual. They smiled at one another as usual. She stood there for a while, dazed. He snapped her out of it by telling her she could sit. They talked about the youn Orc girl who claimed to be his granddaughter. He had given it much thought it seemed and had decided to adopt her. This made Trinda happy. She saw what having a family was doing for him and she liked it.

Then she moved onto revealing everything that she had been upto. In typical Trinda fashion she rambled on and on and on... it was her Tribe's way and it had rubbed off on her. At the end of it all, Robozk nodded. She made sure to say that she didn'tt expect anything from him. She just felt it was fair to let him know what was going on in her life, as Robozk had told her of his.

They sat in silence for a while, and then people started commenting on the couple. Morash and Grubgrabber both acknowledged them. Morash laughing at Robozk's fancying Troll women. Trinda stood up to get his name. Morash ran off with a look of fear in his eyes. Trinda sighed and sat down. She hoped she wasn't really that intimidating.

She started saying her good nights when a younger... much younger voice spoke to Robozk. The old ones turned to see Anaja. The alleged granddaughter. Trinda made some comments that alluded to Robozk's decision to adopt her. The two Orcs seemed confused and Trinda cackled at the situation. She said her final good nights and told them both to be careful.

She wished that Anaja had been a few seconds later so she could have said the least thing on her mind, but Trinda decided it could wait. The way Robozk spoke of the young Orc, she figured she should leave them alone for a bit. She rode off to her quarters. She smiled at the mages that were always in the lobby. They could sense that Trinda's heart had something to say.

"Ey girl... What be troublin' yuh?" one Troll grinned wickedly. Trinda smiled, "No troubles today..." "Oh? So why de Mojo around yuh feelin' like yuh have a secret?" She blushed, "I t'ink I be in love." The Trolls all gasped... pleasantly suprised., "Wit' de Orc General no?" "Aye," she responded with a grin. They all nodded in approval, "Good luck den. We be prayin' to de Loas for yuh." "T'anks kindly. I's glad yuh support mih in dis."

She headed upstairs to her bed. "I -am- in love!" the eighty-some year old Troll giggled like she was sixteen again. The Troll realised she would have to keep that to herself until things slowed down a bit for the General. She wouldn't want to place too much on his shoulders at one time. Still... she felt extremely happy.

She smiled. She slept.

Robozk's Pondering. (by Robozk)Edit

The old orc was finally allowing himself the happiness of knowing his job was near an end. The simple fact of having an end in sight... he could see the light at the end of the tunnel... and it lifted a great weight off his shoulders.

He allowed himself to feel for the girl Anaja. It was easy, she was a good child, and seemed to want nothing but the old orc's approval. He would adopt her, aye, and give her his last name. Thinking of it made him smile...

And Trinda. Trinda did nothing but make him happy. It was a different relationship than most he had in the past. He felt old with her... and he really didn't mind it. Most of the lasses he had courted previously... a lot of the relationship hinged on physical showings of love.

With Trinda, he simply was able to enjoy sitting and watching people go about their business. He enjoyed it, but he felt there was something missing... something carnal that he had been wanting for...

That elf came to visit him, in his tent in the Barrens. She had recently slain his best friend... General Vrulgtar Hogstench. She was distraught... and hadn't really intended to visit Robozk, but she did.

They spoke for a bit, Robozk trying to convince her it wasn't her fault. She wept in his tent, a broken girl trying to find comfort. And Robozk offered it... he reached out to her, offered her the comfort she desired. He held her, even kissed her...

Then he broke it. He was done. The orc realized that the elf would never want him back, not truly... she was just there to make herself feel better... and the orc was done.

He told her to leave, and never come back. Told her never to see him out again. He told the elf that moment, that morning... was the last they would ever be to eachother.

The orc finally let go, after all those times of trying to convince her otherwise. The orc was finally done.

She left in tears.

The old orc sighed deeply as he thought to himself. Trinda made him happy... and now that he had someone to continue his lineage...

He would have to think about it all. The old orc... was he ready to just sit back, retire, perhaps be a part of a family?

He didn't know yet.

The Love of a Troll.Edit

Trinda had just finished nailing up flyers for the upcoming Troll celebration. She decided it would be best to relax for the evening. Then news of attacks on the Crossroads reached her. Would he be there defending? There was only one way to find out. She hopped on Tee'Na and sped to see him... under cover of local defense of course. She didn't want to seem desperate, even though it was indeed getting to that point.

She saw him in combat and swooned over him for a second, nearly falling off of Tee'Na. Then she snapped out of it. Defense always came first, especially when there were Humans involved. She charged in and with the help of Robozk and the Crossroads' Guards, defeated the three paladins. It was actually quite amusing to watch all three of them shield themselves and use their hearthstones to return fo whatever city they came from (at the exact same time). Trinda sat Robozk down just outside the South Gate of the Crossroads.

She was determined to get it out this time. They had met several times since she realised it, but she kept it bottled up. It came to the point where Meelas could see something bothering her. Seeing as she was in the Tribe, Trinda told her everything and Meelas encouraged her to just say it to Robozk.

The two elderly warriors sat in silence, each just smiling at each other. Dammit, Trinda! Say SOMETHING... She thought to herself.

"Robozk?" She spoke up. "Yes?" He replied quickly, nearly cutting her off. As if he expected her to say something. "What happened to Munin?" she asked. Good job, idiot... You come to say you love the Orc and you talk about BIRDS? By Arctikus' tusks! You ARE impossible! was what ran through her head st that moment. "He's... taken a vacation." Robozk replied, with a slight smile. "Ah, so dis is..." Trinda... stop with the small talk, you're better than this. She scratched her head in thought. "Nidhogg. A former thrall of Hakkar." He acknowledged, pointing at the Windserpent.

At this point Zahan, of Trinda's Tribe walked up, "Ey dere, mon. How yuh doin'?" Trinda couldn't believe it... maybe tonight wasn't the night? "I be good bwoy, an yuhself?" she answered. "Ah, jus' runnin' errands for de shamans an' dem, so I good." Robozk nodded. Realising her shoddy manners, Trinda rectified the situation quickly and introdiced them both, "Robozk... Zahan of Frostmane." "Lok'tar." Robozk greeted him warmly. "I hope yuh beast does follow you, not only because of a debt, but because of yuh kindness." Trinda said. Robozk smiled and nodded. Zahan threw in, "I is sure de beast will become very loyal in time." Zahan looked at the two elderly folk and clued in... "Well! Look at de time... I mus' be runnin' off to de Oasis now. See ya!" Trinda smiled and waved goodbye. Robozk followed suit.

I sometimes forget how the Tribe has grown. It makes me happy to see them all running around. Her heart told her, happily. You know what else makes you happy, woman? Robozk! Now say what you came to say, or you'll be sorry! Her heart cried out. Trinda shook her head and finally mustered up the courage.

"Robozk?" "Aye lass?" "I been t'inkin..." Robozk blinked at her curiously. "Heh... can yuh imagine I needed oddah people to make me realise it?" Good job... beat around the bush some more, why don't you? She thought to herself. Robozk arched an eyebrow, "Lass?" "Simply put... I.. I love you." she finally said it out loud. She sighed with relief.. It was out. "Umm... I don't speak Troll so well, lass." Dammit!!! We were so close!

"Oh!" Trinda blushed... "It's just I never said dem words in Orcish...ever. So it was a reflex to say it in Troll... sorry dere." Robozk smiled and nodded. Trinda took a deep deep breath, this time determined to say it in Orcish. "Robozk, I... I love you." Robozk blinked, this time with a look of utter confusion. "I don't know how to... how to respond to that, lass." Trinda smiled slightly, "No worries." He thought for a moment, stared at the ground and spoke again, "I am sorry I cannot reply in kind, lass." "It be alright.. Plenty times one does say dey love a nex' one, an' de nex' one cyah say it right away." She smile as she spoke, "I can wait. It been dis long already, an' time has forgotten me it seems, so I can wait until you can say it."

"Ey dere!" Shevalu smiled brightly. "Ey dere Shavalu... dis is Robozk." Trinda said. Shevalu sat down while they acknowledged each other with nods and smiles. "Tell me, what has de Tribe been upto?" Shevalu asked. Trinda thought of the shortest possible explanations, and realised they all took quite some time. "Well, yuh remember dat report on de Curch of Sanguis Nox I wrote?" "Aye, I t'ink so." Shevalu said. "Well, I may be writin' a followup to dat vereh soon. Seems de members in question, have been cleanin' up dey acts." Trinda continued, "So de heat may be off of dem, dependin' on de status of one." "Ah, good for us den?" Shevalu asked. "Vereh good for us." Trinda replied. "An' de Alo Alo are in de shadows for now... so I be concentratin' on dat Troll Celebration yuh been readin' about." Robozk smiled, he started sniffing the air... and got up. "I have business in the city lass. I will see you later." Trinda grinned wickedly, "Oh, you have no idea." Shevalu smiled and realised she had to run as well, "Alright, I have to find a group to go to de Razor Fen Kraul... Stay safe you two!" She smiled again and ran off.

Trinda smiled. Her Tribals were out and about and she had FINALLY said what she needed to say. There was only one thing left to do...

Nudge, Nudge? Wink, Wink!Edit

Trinda arrived in Orgrimmar, this time her thoughts were pretty damn clear. She had done the hardest part. It was now time to follow up.

She saw Robozk at the gates and approached him. She looked at him and smiled. "Robozk?" "Forget something, lass?" he smirked. "Aye... We been flirtin' an' talkin' what? T'ree mont's now, yes?" "About that." "Well, I t'ink I am ready."

Robozk blinked at her, much like No's snorting, this expression was becoming the norm, "Lass?" Trinda smiled.

"Yuh remember what yuh intentions were, de first time we sat an' drank?" "I think I know, given the situation." He smirked, probably knowing where this was heading. "Quite frankly, yuh wanted to bed me dat night." "Aye, likely, considering that period of time..." "Well, I am ready to take dat step." "Are you sure?" "Considerin' de amount of "courting" yuh have done as compared to some of de younger folk... we have taken vereh long. An' honestly... I may never get anoddah chance." "Aye, I know what you mean." "Vereh well den... Valley of Spirits... I will be waitin'."

She walked off, grinning like a hyena after a fresh zebra was left behind by a lion.

She sat on the soft straw, removed her armour, leaving just her simple dress. She lay down and looked out at out the night sky. She didn't know if he knew how savage Trolls could be, in that aspect... He'd find out tonight though.

She smiled.

Nudge, Nudge? Wink, Wink! (Robozk's perspective)Edit

The orc had had some hard times lately, and it was beginning to completely drain him.

Through it all though, a few people kept him relatively happy... Trinda being one of the most important ones. He did enjoy her company, that was for sure, and he felt a strong connection with her...

But when she said that she loved him, he couldn't think of how to respond. He honestly did not know she had gotten to that point... and he knew he hadn't yet. But he wasn't going to deny the possibility... the large possibility.

It was even more of a shock when she had... propositioned him to bed. The old orc had almost given up on such relations after the elf left him... and he wasn't expecting Trinda to ask him for it. Surprised... but very pleasantly so.

He went to meet her early that night, even though he wasn't actually tired.

Journal EntryEdit

Well, here I am. Velley of Spirits. No suprises there. And even less suprising is how good of a lover Robozk Peltskinner is. I hope he thinks the same about me... though I suppose he -might- see me as a bit rough in that aspect...

However, there are somethings that have shocked me as of late.

1: I actually told Robozk I love him! 2: We've taken THAT step in the relationship. 3: Sinjaya is now asking ME for advice on men... 4: No Grimtotem is slowly growing on me... I nearly consider him a friend. 5: I've had secret dealings with the Malochian Hand. 6: We may have to bring the Hammer down on the Zephyr Crew, even with my friendship with Jehotay at risk.

Things have not slowed down as planned, but I truly believe that Frostmane is moving forward.

Back to to the topic at hand, I shall have to harass Robozk soon... I daresay I'm going to ask him on a date. The Orc won't see it coming I don't think.

That's it for now, just a brief update... I'll be back with details later.

At Long Last (by Robozk)Edit

The old orc nodded in agreement then handed over a small sack of coins. A small, rich looking goblin smirked slightly as he took the coins, nodding and leading the orc down a pier that was behind him. At the end of the pier was a small, well made boat. Designed for three or four... or one very capable orc.

"Thank you... and you are sure no one will be able to track it?"

"Not until it's too late!"

The goblin grinned again, handing the orc a small set of keys.

"These'll start it up, and allow access to the safe in the hold. Ya know, for weapons and stuff."

The old orc nodded again, taking the keys and thanking the goblin. He limped down the rest of the pier, climbing into the boat wearily and taking a moment to adjust himself. He turned for one last time to look out over the plains of the Barrens, then used his flaming trident to cut the rope that was keeping the boat to the pier. The small boat slowly began to drift out to sea.

The orc turned on the goblin engine, and smiled sadly as the boat began to quicken it's pace out into the vast expanse that was the ocean. He had wished to say goodbye in person to those that mattered... but he knew it would have been too hard on everyone involved...

Trinda, my dearest.. I am sorry to do this to you, to leave you without saying a word. I thank you for allowing me to be yours for so long, even when I myself was not around much. I do hope that you can find someone else, someone else to hold and comfort you, to share in your life. You will always be in my heart. Robozk Peltskinner


Trinda, my dearest.. I am sorry to do this to you, to leave you without saying a word. I thank you for allowing me to be yours for so long, even when I myself was not around much. I do hope that you can find someone else, someone else to hold and comfort you, to share in your life. You will always be in my heart. Robozk Peltskinner --

She put down the letter, smiling weakly. Tears flowing down her face.

Heh, at least you said good bye... Still, a kiss or a hug... even a pat on the shoulder would have been better. I'll miss you dearly 'bozk. I'll miss the walks, the talks, the laughing and the "dust in my eyes". I doub't I will take another, it is too late for this old Troll. I'll always love you, Orc. Stay good wherever you are.

She travelled to the Barrens that night. Damn the people looking for her, this was more important. She walked into the empty Drunken Kodo. Only two people were there; Jehotay and Wiley.

She showed Jehotay the letter, though they would be bitter enemies soon, he was a good friend of Robozk's and at least deserved to know that the General had left.

Taking back the letter, she left.

Though he was not dead yet, she could think of no better place for him to be remembered. She went to the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior and carved his name in stone: Robozk Peltskinner. She put a Crimson Lotus and a bunch of Peacebloom on the base, said a quick prayer and left.

Anyone who passed by this memorial would now know. Robozk Peltskinner was a damn fine person.

After the Affair.Edit

Many weeks later... With a pardon in effect, Trinda now had a few moments to breathe and contemplate other aspects of her life. She took a look at her journal detailing her relationship with Robozk. She needed to reflect in order to figure out what she should do. She flipped to one of the first few pages.

-- Today we went on a walk... Robozk makes me feel young again. That's a hell of an accomplishment. We looked out on the river between the Barrens and Durotar. I don't recall ever having a moment like that before. Everything slowed down and it was just him and me. I see this relationship going places. --

She remembered that day. It was also the day she handed Robozk the tuxedo she made for him "just in case" he ever needed it. It was the day they discussed families and Trinda's inability to have children. Trinda sighed and moved to another page further in the journal.

-- Well, it is done. He knows I love him. He couldn't respond in kind, but I have patience. I didn't get to this age by being impatient. Speaking of love, last night was simply amazing. A Something I definitely want to experience again. All that training has paid off for that Orc. I wonder if he feels the same? I truly hope I haven't scared him off... Trolls bite sometimes. It's that simple. --

Trinda couldn't help but laugh. She remembered their first kiss and a few other firsts. She remembered his touch. She sighed and turned some more pages.

-- He's gone. No letter, no good bye... No nothing. He told Sinjaya and -she- told me. Maybe he thought I would protest. Actually, I would have. It was smart of him, but still, a letter would have been nice. I love the Orc. I will continue to love him no matter what. Time to write to Anaja. --

She remembered that day. It was just after she had lambasted Orgrimmar with her statements about the Undead. Trinda was up in Dun Morogh, -just- before Alexander and Phipps assaulted Ujanda and her. Sinjaya used her knowledge of the arcane to send a message to Trinda and informed her. She brushed it off to begin with, there were bigger things at hand and she wouldn't burden the others with her petty problem. Once the day was closing and she had more time to think about it, she wept silently. She then informed Jehotay. She carved Robozk's name into the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior so that in the event he never returned, he would always be remembered. Finally she sent a letter to Anaja that night. She would be sure to keep in touch with the young Orc. There was only one page left and as much as she didn't want to, Trinda turned the page to read.

-- He's returned... As dangerous as it is to show my face right now, I -must- find him. --

The fluttering of her heart that morning was ridiculous. He was back. She would be with her lover again. She wondered if it was Anaja that had found him. Trinda gave Anaja some gold to do just that... She knew now that it wasn't so. She continued reading.

-- I want him dead. That damned cripple! How dare he! And with Sinjaya to boot... Well, his granddaughter will be hearing about this. He won't be appearing terribly honourable to her anymore. --

That morning he had confessed to sleeping with Sinjaya before he left. He said they thought he was never coming back... he was dying. Inexcusable. Had he been upfront about it, she would not have been -as- upset. Many Trolls have been known to be polygamous so the idea of "sharing" was not out of the question. It was the dishonesty and sneaking that made her blood boil. She informed a few of her close friends as well as Anaja. All had different advice, but in the end it was Trinda who had to make a decision.

She threw the journal into the fire. Trinda watched the book burn to ashes. The time for writing was over. It was time to do.

OOC StuffEdit

This story was a long ongoing arc in Trinda's story. Robozk and myself wrote these on the Thorium Brotherhood forums. As far as I can tell, this is where the story of Robozk and Trinda ends, but you never know. Thorium Brotherhood likes to throw a surprise or two.

Anything that says (Robozk's perspective) or (by Robozk) in the title was written by Robozk. If it does not have that in the title, then I wrote it.

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