Game Information
Race Draenei
Class Shaman
Vital Statistics
Build Slender
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age Approximately 400
Birthplace Shattrath, Draenor
Marital Status Single

Appearance and Personality Edit

Olania is fairly typical looking by Draenei standards, but many of the friends she's made on Azeroth consider her quite beautiful. Something of a clothes horse, she can't stand to wear the same outfit for very long, and always has some fancy dress or robes to wear when she's in Stormwind or Ironforge. She always wears her hair up and back into a ponytail - keeping it out of her eyes and off of her tendrils.

Though rather young by Draenei standards, Olania (or Ola as her friends call her) has an introspective quality about her that belies her youth. She tends to be quiet yet friendly, staying on the sidelines in social situations, prefering to observe the goings on around her rather than the actively get involved. This has proven all the more so since her arrival on Azeroth, as she has used "people watching" to learn as much about her new homeworld as possible. However, as witnessed at Brewfest, once she has a few drinks in her she becomes "the life of the party".


Olania was born the only child to a young couple in Shattrath. Her father was an accomplished hunter - as a result her fondest memories from childhood involve curling up in front of a fire with her father's pet wolf, Britta. Her mother was at one time a priestess, but gave up her calling to raise a family after falling in love. Both fully expected Olania would follow one of thier paths upon reaching adulthood - but that was not the case.

When the Legion corrupted the once peaceful Orcs, sending them into a genocidal frenzy, the Draenei were forced to give ground all over Draenor. Finally, the Horde was only a short distance from Shattrath, and Olania and her father fled into Zangarmarsh. Despite their pleas, her mother remained behind to provide whatever aid she could to the Vindicators who would provide the final defense. They never saw her again.

Settling in as best as the could in a refugee camp, Olania would spend her day trying to help the sick and injured while her father lead hunting parties out into the Marsh in search of food. One day, they never came back. A rescue team found their mutilated bodies a few days later - they had been found by the Orcs and slaughtered. Now alone in the world, Olania was lost. She would go out into the Marsh every day to think, returning to the camp at night feeling a little less empty inside.

After the completion of "the mushroom town" Telredor, Olania remained behind at the refugee camp, prefering solitude. When the other Draenei left, Broken moved into the camp. Fully expecting Olania to treat them the same way other unmutated Draenei did - they prepared for the worst. But, much to their surprise - she welcomed them with open arms. Where others saw deformities, she saw a group of people just trying to survive after the horrors inflicted upon them by the Orcs. In a way, she could relate. Where the Orcs had taken her parents, they had taken the Light from the Broken.

When she heard that one Broken - a former Vindicator named Nobundo - had been taken in by Velen, and was about to address a crowd at Telredor, Olania made her way there to hear what he had to say. When Nobundo showed the Draenei the ways of shamanism, she was among the first to see the potential. Without a second thought she sought out to learn the ways of the elements.

After word passed through the ranks that Velen would be leading a raid on Tempest Keep, Olania immediately signed on. She had nothing left on Draenor, so she felt she had nothing to lose. Ultimately, she would nearly perish when the Exodar crashed on Azuremyst. Once she had recovered from her injuries, she set out to learn about Azeroth and the nature of the elements on this strange new world.

As she made her way through Azeroth, Olania took a great liking to the Night Elves - especially druids, who share the shaman's affinity for nature. Eventually, Night Elven society embraced her, and allowed her to ride one of their frostsabers. The big cat has proven to be her closest companion in her travels, standing by her at all times.

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