Dr. Omacron Genii PhD.
Game Information
Race Night Elf
Class Druid
Guild Synergy
Vital Statistics
Height 7'3"
Weight 130lb
Build Wiry
Hair Forest Green
Eyes Gold
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral Chaotic
Age 340
Birthplace Modern day Felwood
Marital Status Single
Family Upsylon (cousin)

Detailed descriptionEdit

Omacron is of a wiry build, befitting more of a scientist than a warrior, or even a physically trained druid. His skin is a deep purple, with odd symmetrical streaks of a silver, metallic substance embedded in his skin. Though definitely weak in appearance, he has surprising strength and even more magickal talent- and not only in natural ways.

History and current storyEdit

Omacron isn't millenia old, nor is he particularly young, he's in his comparative late twenties for a night elf, born after the sundering and before the world tree exploded.

Being a man, he was heavily pressured into taking druidic studies and did so without question. However, during his time spent training, he chanced to come across a shipwrecked Goblin alchemist- long before most races rediscovered Kalimdor. He made travels to this strange creature every day, learning a bit from him about strange sciences every day. He began to secretly incorporate these ideas into his work, coming up with strange theories such as "hierarchical genesis", "modular composition" and "informational internalchemistry". Eventually he began to apply these ideas, after he became a full fledged druid in the service of the cenarion circle. Only problem? He was heavily altering natural creatures, cloning and genetically modifying them to standard he saw. He was disgraced and kicked out of the circle, however, he was is a very clever elf.

He had foreseen this, and instead found ways to manipulate the very nature around him, down to a cellular level. He replicated his powers as a druid through scientific means, and wished to spread this science with others. He founded the Azerothean Academy for Natural Philosophy because of that.

But this is all a front. He wishes to return to his creature modifying experiments, and has found a perfect place to do it from. Outland. He can use information gathered by professors and scientists at his university to fund weapons programs, with which he intends to raze all life on outland. He will then repopulate it with his "perfect" species, and introduce them into the Azerothean ecosystems, driving out natural life through sheer efficiency. He has enhanced these beings, and himself, through various means. Genetic alteration, cybernetics and even magical infusion, creating beings that are combinations of beasts, clockwork and even demons and elementals.

He is a prime example of this, his body being radically altered. He has introduced synthetic, cybernetic implants to his body, enchanted them with forbidden magicks and even altered his basic biology to make him more powerful. He may not be able to replace all life, but he can certainly cause some damage.

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