Name: Omambarti
Race: Troll
Class: Battle Shaman
Professions: Engineering and Enchanting
Relations: Radian, Grimbane, Lokke, Shambler, Arete, and Balanitsu.
Affiliation: Genkai O Koeru
Appearance: This troll has many unique features, including white warpaint on his face, small but sharp tusks, and a sly smirk he carries all the time upon his face.

Background Edit

He has become a massive killing machine for people around his experienced level, his high rankings, his weapons, and his stance all explain how he became who he is today. Over three years ago a friendly warlock named Radian, and a fierce hunter named Grimbane, offered him the opportunity to join the Genkai O Koeru clan, a highly ranked clan of the Horde's most fierce of all warriors. Today he is ranked First Sergeant at a young age, and will slay anyone who stands in his way!

Recently he has crossed paths with a beautiful Night Elf named Balanitsu, a very strong Rogue who knows her way around her swords. Omambarti and Balanitsu share a strong bond between eachother, like they have known eachother forever. Till now, he is following the footsteps of his love, Balanitsu, and hopes to become one of the greatest shamans in all of Azeroth!

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