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Name: Onoka Softmane
Race: Tauren
Age: 27...just emerging from adolescense
Birthplace: Stonetalon Mountains
Class: Hunter
Professions: Herbalism/cooking
Affiliations: none
Appearance: Onoka is, to put it bluntly, pretty. His features are soft for one of the bovine race and his fur, shining pure white, is being constantly groomed. He is of average build, but long years of easy living have left his body somewhat weak. A carefully combed black mane tops his head and carefully polished horns sprout from the sides.


Onoka was born to a fairly well to-do family in the Stonetalon Mountains. While they subscribed to the nomadic lifestyle of most of his kind, Onoka grew up in the largest, nicest tent in the camp -- sleeping on the thickest, softest animal pelts and eating the freshest berries.

When the orcs landed on their shores, his father was one of the braves sent to aid them. While he was gone, his mother continued to care for their young son. When word came back that his father had been killed in battle, his mother became even more protective, spoiling and sheltering young Onoka from the dangers of the world. He was no longer was allowed to play with others his age in games she felt were too dangerous and he was forbidden from venturing beyong the borders of the camp. Much to their surprise, Onoka's father was not killed and returned to find a son that was frightened of the world.

His father took it upon himself to toughen the boy up, taking him on hunting trips with the men of the tribe and otherwise making up for lost time. But Hekimi resented the efforts and wanted only to stay home. Arguments between his mother and father became more frequent until they came to a head one night when Onoka's father declared that the boy would join his uncle, a trademan, on a year-long journey around Kalimdor, returning to the Stonetalon Mountains in the spring, after the snows had melted and the passes had cleared. A stern-faced father and weeping mother bid farewell to their son as he set off with his uncle's caravan on a cold spring morning. On the journey, Onoka was surprised to find he enjoyed the company of his grizzled, battle-scarred uncle and a close-bond quickly formed between them. His uncle picked up where his father had left off, teaching Onoka basic survival skills and the importance of self-reliability, but this time, the lessons seemed to stick. They ventured through the Desolace wastes, through the dark forests of Feralas, even down to the desert city of Gadgetztan where they trades with the goblins for goods from far across the sea. Everywhere they went, Onoka was amazed at the resilience shown by his uncle and vowed to rise to his example.

Disaster struck as they approached Bloodhoof Village in the valley of Mulgore, when a band of harpies attacked their wagons. Though they fought bravely, his uncle's men were badly outnumbered and fell to a man. Onoka, overcome with fear, fled the attack, running until his energy gave out. He eventually found his way through an opening in the wall protecting Red Cloud Mesa and ventured to Camp Narache. He told his story and they sent out warriors to investigate, but they found only the sacked ruins of the caravan, buzzards already picking clean the bodies of Onoka's uncle and his crew. Deeming Onoka unfit for travel, the people of Camp Narache adopted him until he was tough enough to survive the journey north, to his home.

After three months, Onoka began to grow resentful of the people of Camp Narache; they treated him too roughly and he blamed them for not reaching his uncle in time. Finally, his fear of the world was overcome by a desire to leave and to return home to show his father what a mistake it had been to send him away, Onoka left Camp Narache, refusing any help. He nearly died that first week, shivering with cold near a fire that wouldn't start. but then an odd thing happened, all those lessons his father and uncle had tried to teach him came flooding back. He found he was tougher than he had thought.

Onoka's social skills are very stunted, due to his spoiled and sheltered upbringing. He is painfully shy, avoiding conversing with others whenever possible. When he does talk, he can often be insulting or rude. As bad as he is with other humanoids, he has a strange affinity with animals, having a talent for befriending them. Two bonds are especially strong, a big cat he has named Steeljaw and a wolf he has named Razorclaw. One of these creatures always seem to be at his side. When in a crowd, Onoka does his best to fade into the background, avoiding encounters with others whenever possible.

He knows that the passes will soon clear and he'll have to return home to inform his parents of his uncle's fate. Until then, he has busied himself in the harsh savanahs of the Barrens, aiding the orcs and tauren there.


  • Hekimi likes picking flowers and roots, collecting them in one of his pouches. He doesn't know what to do with them, but he thinks they're pretty and smell good.
  • The people of Camp Narache tried to show him how to skin animals, but Onoka refused to do it. It would get his fur all dirty.
  • Onoka is a vegetarian, though he often has an ample supply of dried or roasted meat for his pets
  • Though he has been travelling the wilds for some time now, Onoka's fur is still gleaming white. He grooms it constantly and, though he can't swim, he will go out of his way to find water to bathe in every morning.
  • Onoka has met Cairne Bloodhoof several times. With each telling of the story, Cairne's size and stature have increased

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